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On a Monday karate training is from 7 - 8 the same as Thursday, but then at 8 all the kids go home and there's an extra hour just for adults. I have sat and watched it a lot, but tonight was my first time actually joining in properly as anything other than target practise. It was hard (well, duh!), and there were a lot of move combinations that were far more advanced than I would normally be attempting as a mere red belt, but I gave it my best shot... I think I got the basics of them, anyway.

But then at the end we all did free sparring with Sensei Puddin'. As the most junior student, I was last, which was pretty good, because having seen a lot of people far more advanced than me make amusing cock-ups, I felt less worried about the ones I was bound to make. The problem was that when I stood up to go fight, Sensei Puddin' said to me Oh yeah, take your glasses off. Now, I understand the health and safety reasons for this: a punch in the glasses could break them, blind me totally and embed glass in the puncher's hand. Not entirely safe. The problem with me taking my glasses off is that I am as blind as a bat without them. So my first proper (not formalised three or five step sparring) fight with my Sensei was conducted with me feeling like Rutger Hauer in Blind Fury. I couldn't judge distance, I couldn't see what his hands were doing, I couldn't react properly, and basically I was utter rubbish. I landed a couple of punches, but only because I wasn't stepping back when I should have been, and was too close in. If he'd wanted to, he could have handed me my arse on a plate before I even saw him coming.

I don't know what I can do about this. I don't want contact lenses, they hurt me and I feel weird without my specs on. But if I'm going to fight properly, competitively, there's nothing else I can do. Trying to fight a white blob that keeps laughing at you is not the way forward in competition... :(

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A Moral Dilemma

Monday, November 23rd, 2009 11:50 pm
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Inspired by this article in the Graun. You go to pay at a parking meter and it gives you £3 too much change. What do you do?

Poll #1761 Moral Dilemma
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 13

What would you do?

Keep the three quid
10 (76.9%)

Hand it in to someone in charge of the car park or something similar
3 (23.1%)

Leave it in the machine for the next person to have a dilemma over
0 (0.0%)

Something else which I shall explain in the comments
0 (0.0%)

My own answer is the second one, and if that's not possible, the third. I would view it as theft to take the money. Yes, a small theft, with very little chance of any consequence for myself, but theft none the less. Mat says he would take the money, citing the harm principle. I can understand his argument, but it would feel wrong to me to take the money.

What do you lot think?

In other news, because I bitched at Sensei Puddin' on Friday about how my legs were killing me after Thursday's karate session, we did lots more leggy stuff tonight. Or perhaps I am investing myself with too much importance. Either way, my legs are killing me again.

Still, it's doing me good, and I am feeling the benefit when I'm NOT completely knackered. Healthiness is a good thing.

Climbing tomorrow! Yay!

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Holly is doing excellently in all subjects, but she's not working to her full potential was the basic report at school. She's in the top set for everything except Maths (in which she would be in the top set if she worked faster), and is one of the best readers in the school, apparently. And she has an amazing imagination and is very creative. It's just that sometimes she drifts off into a little world of her own and won't work. But she's such a little individual, and has such forthright views...

It's eerie, really. They could just photocopy my school reports. Or my dad's.

Karate, though... Karate was AWESOME. I know it was only my third lesson, but we got paired up for punch and block practise, and Sensei Puddin' DID tell us to go as hard and fast as we could... I got paired up with a brown belt guy, similar height and reach to me and... well, put it this way, I got an impressed eyebrow raise out of him a couple of times for being bang on target and fast enough to get past his block. And I have a couple of bruises on my forearms because he was a bit more diligent with the blocking after that LOL.

Why have I not done martial arts before now? It was FUN!

But now I must go for a bath before Question Time because I am as sweaty as a vicar in a brothel...

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Thursday, November 12th, 2009 11:13 pm
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I had my first karate lesson tonight, and I really enjoyed it (even though I was rubbish) and I've come back home to watch QT. I feel somewhat guilty for thinking that Humphries is better than Dimbldore, given that the poor man is injured. But I am really enjoying seeing Woodward eviscerated. That said, my brain and body are tired, so in lieu of proper content, have some:

Fresh Squeezings From the veins of the Internet

And today's meme is, given that Dimbledore is injured and Humphries is being his stand-in tonight:

Who is your dream Question Time presenter?

I reckon Martha Kearney would do a good job.

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