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Lots and lots of partisan people who would probably be unlikely to vote Lib Dem anyway are saying things like I couldn't ever vote Lib Dem; they won't rule out coalition with Labour/the Tories.

You all know me.
You all know I am not backwards in coming forwards, and will happily call a spade a spade.

I, personally, will not rule out voting for a coalition with either the Tories or Labour.

That's right. Even now, even in this poisoned, febrile atmosphere, I would do a deal with either the red devil or the deep blue sea.

To agree to a coalition with either of them, they would have to agree to the following three things, for me:
  1. No brexit. At all. It's completely stopped.

  2. STV for all elections from this day forth, no exceptions, no referendums, just implemented.

  3. Useless waste of space of a leader to be replaced.
Without all three of those conditions being met as an absolute minimum, I, personally, would not vote for coalition with either Labour or Tories. I'd also quite like there to be a lot of stuff about guaranteeing the rights of immigrants and disabled people, and stopping the shafting of the poor, but those three things are the absolute minimum of the contents of an agreement I would consider. And for a coalition to happen, we have to call a special conference and two thirds of the attendees have to vote in favour of the deal offered. I'm not the most typical Lib Dem, but I'm not so far from the mainstream that I think that more than two thirds of the party would opt for a lesser deal than that.

We have learned from the coalition deal we voted through in all innocence last time, and I suspect that quite a lot of the party is a lot more cautious than it was.

So yeah, I'm not ruling out a coalition... but equally, I don't think it's very likely. Do you?
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I don't want to jinx it, but the news that MI6 are saying they didn't do any renditions without ministerial approval could be absolutely huge. This is the relevant passage:
British officials have not sought to deny the involvement of MI6 in either rendition. Instead, they have stressed that each resulted from what they describe as "ministerially authorised government policy", raising the possibility that the new Yard inquiry will require the questioning of ministers of the last Labour government.
I guess it's time to dig out this old picture again...

Of course, the likelihood is that it'll all get swept under the carpet, but we can hope, right?
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... But will the electorate get fooled again?

You'd think with several news outlets trumpeting the dubious and tenuous Yorkshire links of several of the new shadow cabinet, I'd be at least a bit pleased, wouldn't you? You lot should know better by now.

Here's a detailed and very long person by person rundown of what I think: )

So, as you can see, the new generation of Labour politicians appears to be the same old same old with a few fig leaves (John Healey prominent among them, and I shall be watching him with interest) to cover the familiar faces. Is this supposed to be the beacon of hope in opposition that we can all flock to? Because I'm not seeing it...

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The shennanigans in the Labour party today, followed by the smug sense of relief that they got a woman (and a black one too!) on the ballot paper for the leadership is nauseating in the extreme. It feels like there is an unspoken We've got a token diversity candidate now, so now we can all relax and vote for the nice white middle class boy we want to in the Labour blogosphere.

Is it just me that finds this utterly infuriating?

I hope she wins. That'll piss the buggers off. And yet... I really hope she doesn't. Because any one of the other three* would be a disaster for the Labour party, and then I could point and laugh. Diane is the only candidate who would actually make a credible leader in my view, which means she is a danger from the PoV of a Lib Dem.

For comedy value, and for partisan reasons as a Lib Dem, I am going to endorse as my candidate for the Labour leadership Ed Balls. Snotty, ill of grace, unable to see beyond his own nose, aggressive and intellectually stunted? The Labour party couldn't give us a bigger gift.

* I can't really think of the Millibland brothers as separate people, sorry

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I heard Diane Abbott announcing her candidacy for the Labour leadership this morning, and I was really pleased. I like Diane a lot. Unlike the Milliblands and Balls and the other dude, you actually know what she stands for (don't you, Jon Cruddas?). She's popular with the members, and she's popular in ther general population. She could be just what the party needs.

So why is twitter full of tweets like Diane Abbott? Come on guys it's the 20th of May not the 1st ofApril.

People are saying it is because of her decision to send her son to private school... I reckon that's a convenient excuse to rubbish the only candidate who isn't a stepford politician; a white man in a grey suit with a grey mind. People are so terrified of individuality and diversity that they will cling on to any lame excuse to stick with the safe option. I mean, Balls? For reals? He's like Gene Hunt with all his cool and good looks surgically removed. This is the possible saviour of the Labour party? Maybe he appeals to members, I don't know. But the wider public does not connect with him at all. They do connect with Diane Abbott. I would bear this in mind before taking the piss out of her candidacy, Labour members.

Labour Have Lost It

Thursday, May 13th, 2010 11:26 am
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Not the election - that's old news - but their collective marbles. The mindset seems to be that our members will desert us in droves for the real saviour now that we've shown our true colours in coalescing with the Tories, and the coalition will collapse and Labour will be back in their rightful place.

I've got news for you guys.

The public is pig sick of tribal politics. The only accusation of selling out I had from a customer at the pub yesterday was from a green; loads and loads of others were very positive about it. They approve of the grown up nature of what is going on.

Yes, there will be some defections from the few tribalists we have. But we are also getting a flood of new members - both principled people and careerists.

Yes, the coalition COULD collapse and if that happens we will probably suffer the worse damage. But it's showing no signs of doing so yet, and as a poly person I saw the creation of a coalition maintenance committee as a very positive move. In all relationships, keeping talking about the relationship is important.

But, from the point of view of Labour, even if it DOES all go horribly wrong for us, do you really think the pendulum will automatically swing your way?

You have 13 years of disgrace to wipe from the public's mind.
You have no leader, and you don't have a credible leadership candidate. Not ONE.
You have screwed over your core vote and your activists so hard that they all blame YOU for what happened on election day.
You scuppered any possiblity of a coalition deal with us yourselves, and are now playing sour grapes.

This does not look, to me, like a party that will be ready to come back into government at any time in the next decade. Why don't you crawl back under your stones, and come out when you are ready to act like grown ups?

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