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There are many many controversies in Who fandom, and there is no opinion you can assert without offending one faction or another, but one of the least controversial opinions is that the writer who was consistently the best in the old series was Robert Holmes. Holmes can be accused of being a hack, it's true, but if he was a hack, he was a great hack, taking elements from everywhere he could find them (classical mythology, his own politics, and famously, Hammer horror films) and fusing them into glorious, memorable stories. He had a great sense of dialogue, and his characterisations were always spot on. And he always, ALWAYS had an eye on the series as a whole, not just his episodes in it.

I think there's a case to be made that Joe Lidster is the Robert Holmes of our generation.

This latest arc of SJA, for example. here be spoilers )

Mr Lidster: I salute you. And so does my daughter. When she's stopped hugging the cushion...

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Saturday, June 27th, 2009 12:46 pm
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Joe Lidster just agreed to sleep with me for skience Marmite and booze!

* flailflailflail *


There may of course be logistical problems with the fact that he's the other end of the country and we've never met and little things like that, but still...


The proof:
Joe: Shouldn't read Dr Who forums. Apparently I've been "deified" for no reason. "It sets me wondering just what has helped Lidster get so far.."
Joe: Cos yeah, I'm that good in bed. That's why people employ me. Obviously.
Me: @joelidster: I am willing to test this hypothesis for purely scientific reasons
Joe: @miss_s_b Only if you can employ me! I'm a whore not a slut :)
Me: @joelidster: I can pay you in Marmite and alcohol?
Joe: @miss_s_b Sold!
Me: @joelidster: WooHOO! *prepares the toast*
And people say that Twitter is pointless!

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Even though I know that famouse Doctor Who writer [livejournal.com profile] lonemagpie is right when he says that
The BNP's votes were actually *down* across the board - but because so many mainstream voters stayed home, and because Labour's collapse was even greater than expected, it still allowed them to get in with less votes than last time.
, I still can't help but feel the same as the lovely Mr Matthewman.

I hope all you bastards who stayed at home and didn't vote because they're all in it for themselves and they're all the same and my vote wouldn't make a difference anyway are really fucking proud of yourselves this morning. My money... MY MONEY is going into the pockets of two racist scumbags. We have tax-payer-funded fascists in this country now. I have a Bastard Nazi Party MEP. And it's ALL YOUR FAULT.

Fail, fellow countrymen. Epic fucking fail.

In more amusing (if slightly personally embarrassing) news, and speaking of Doctor Who writers, Daddy Alex has confessed to me that he went to a Doctor Who event on Saturday and might have inadvertently told my favourite Doctor Who writer about my huge crush on him. Oops.

Oh well. If you're reading this, Mr Lidster, sir, you have no need to run screaming in terror. It's very unlikely you will ever have the misfortune of meeting me, and if you do all that will happen is I will go red and stare at my shoes and mumble a lot, like I generally do when confronted with people I admire greatly. You can ask all the people who were present for the blogger interview with Vince Cable for confirmation of this if you like. I had to have a very large swig of brandy before I was capable of speaking, and was uncharacteristically quiet for the whole thing, aside from my question about bees. Which I really ought to write up at some point...

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