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I've been reminded to post this by seeing it recced on twitter today. And yeah, I know, I've put this in linkspam a couple of times, and you probably think I am just wanging on about it because it's by my friend. And sure, there's probably an element of that. But if you are a music geek? Even you're even vaguely interested in music? You really need to listen to this podcast.

Andrew has SUCH an ear for detail, and brings in so many things that are not standard analysis, but are so interesting. And he's got a comfortingly Scouse-ish accent.

Honestly, trust me, go listen to it:


Audiophile Wankery

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 05:57 pm
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So for various reasons including not actually having my own room for most of the last few years my audiophile tendencies have gone unloved. My lovely Technics turntable sat lonely and unconnected. My vinyl languished on its shelves.

Recently I got my room back.

So I decided to reward myself for getting it (mostly) sorted out, tidy and shipshape by buying myself one of these.

Oh. My. God.

I am hearing some songs as I haven't heard them in YEARS. All those people who tell you that there's no audible difference in sound quality between compressed digital stuff and analogue are bullshitting. I know this because one of the first things daughter and I did was put on Fear of the Dark (1998 digital remaster) followed by Fear of the Dark (2015 remastered for hipster vinyl) and it was astounding. So I have spent most of the last couple of days excitedly fishing out old records and cooing over how amazing they sound. Side 2 of Welcome To My Nightmare gave me goosebumps.

Of course even if you're not as much of an audiophile wanker as I am, and are merely a tech geek, I'd still rec the particular amp I bought because it works seamlessly with things like spotify too. Best of both worlds? Hell yes. Thank Cthulhu for hipsters, I say. You'd never have got something that did spotify AND vinyl even a couple of years ago... I can punt podcasts to it from bed! I am really genuinely massively happy with it.

Of course now I need to get new speaker cables, and build a proper stand for it, and... ;)
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... So you can be too

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I've been awful at all kinds of internetting the last couple of weeks (hello election) but I just had to post to say OMFG Ariana Grande, I have been completely unaware of your music till tonight but that was ASTOUNDING in both technical and emotional terms.
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Well, I say review, it's more a disjointed set of ramblings.

background about why we went )
Shinedown )
Maiden themselves )

We had a really great time, and Hol really loved it, and is fully looking forward to Alice Cooper in the autumn now :)
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The vocals were a LITTLE low in the mix, so sometimes clarity was a bit lacking. Thankfully I knew most of the words anyway.


They didn't play my favourite song, but they did play Holly's, and the look on her face when she heard the opening bars is a thing I will treasure for always.

I am very happy and slightly deaf and slightly hoarse. But definitely very happy.

ISIHAC on Sunday! :)
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Sabbatical: time taken off work to listen to and study the music of Black Sabbath.
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The inevitable campaign to get a track by a beloved deceased person has started, and Twitter has decided that the track we should go for is My Way. Buy it on amazon here, or Google Play here, or iTunes here.

If you're a proper tightarse, listen to it a few times on Spotify, that counts, but not as much as actually buying it, so listen to it LOTS.

Disappointing Songs

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 10:23 pm
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James and I are discussing songs with really awesome intros, where the actual song comes as a disappointment afterwards. Not that the song is necessarily bad, per se, but that the intro is SO good that the rest of the song can't help but pale behind it.

We both agree on Pinball Wizard by The Who.

I suggested Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne, which for the first 30 seconds is all dark drama & then suddenly becomes Status Quo. Also Phantom of the Opera by Iron Maiden and I Fought the Law by the Clash - both of which I LOVE but the intro is definitely the best bit.

James suggested 20th Century Boy by T Rex, A View to a Kill by Duran Duran, & (somewhat controversially in my view) One Vision by Queen - although I'll admit it does sag a bit in the middle.

What would your picks be?
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Apparently they're on about bringing back another British icon to our screens: http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/top-pops-set-comeback-dermot-5546470 . Skipping lightly over what Unity referred to on twitter as the Cthonian nightmare of the presenting team, my thoughts naturally turn to:

Which song should we campaign for a mass download of to game the number one slot for the week it returns?

My first thought was Top of the Pops by Rezillos, but that's a bit obvious. Then I had a another idea. An idea so awesome in its terrible trolliness... when they started showing repeats of seventies TotP on BBC4 the one song that stuck in my head, because they had it on week after week, despite the fact that the artist was clearly off his face, his head, and any other body part you care to mention, was Boston Tea Party by the Alex Harvey Band.

If we could get THAT into the charts and shown on TotP the week they bring it back that would be AMAZING.
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... I've already asked this on twitter, but the blog is a bit less ephemeral: I am trying to expand my network on twitter because my default playlist at work has become the "What everyone in your network is listening to" list, and given that I work 5 days a week I need a reasonably broad network for that not to get samey.

If you're an active spotify user, would you mind dropping your user name in a comment? If we look like we intersect somewhat on taste or you look interesting I'll add you (my tastes are reasonably catholic, so I'm not going to list what I like here)

Thanking you in advance :)
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So channel 4 did Psychopath Night, and put up a test on their website so you can see how many psychopathic traits you have. You can take the test here. The only reason I know about this is because I was chatting to someone last night who expressed surprise at getting 63% on it, and was mildly offended when I said I wasn't at all surprised.

I then had to elucidate further: I lived with a psychologist for ten years. I got tested a LOT. I know the signs and symptoms of a LOT of psychological problems. I know I have some interesting quirks. I also know I'm not a psychopath, although I bet I would score higher on an online test than the person I was talking to.

I took the test today. I got 85% on it. I was unsurprised, and not a little amused.

The problems with web-based agree/disagree tests are manifold and well known, but with this particular one, I think that my aspie traits combined with non-tradtional attitudes to a number of things, addiction to thrill-seeking, and my tendency to tick agree/disagree strongly rather than moderately would ring the alarm bells. But of course the defining trait of a psychopath is their inability to feel/express emotion. Anyone who has ever met me for more than ten seconds, or indeed read a few posts on this blog, knows that is NOT a trait of mine.

Psychopaths don't have panic attacks, don't self harm, don't wake up screaming in the night from post traumatic nightmares. I do. Plus, pychopaths are not necessarily bad people anyway. So I guess this blog post is meant as reassurance: if you take that test and score highly, don't fret.

ETA: Also:

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The last few days I have been having conversations via various media with sseveral different people about our, um, eccentricities. It turns out that, like with lots of other taboo subjects, once a topic comes up and you "admit" that you have experienced it, suddenly lots of other people can talk to you about how they have too.

Those of you who don't and haven't self harmed possibly don't realise quite how prevalent it is. So this is my public coming out, if you like. When the intersection of my anxiety, depression and paranoia become too much, I self-harm.

And the rest of this is going under a cut, because there are some things people don't necessarily want to know )

Anyway, the music part. Two songs about self harm:

One for when I'm in the depths of it is Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt. I love the NiN original, but Cash just somehow encapsulates the pain so much better.

And one for when I'm bringing myself out of it is Papa Roach's Last Resort. I really love how the video shows the sad lonely faces of the people alone in their rooms transformed when they go into the crowd and rock out. Healing power of music etc.

Papa Roach - Last Resort from Nuxo on Vimeo.

This post was VERY difficult to write. I hope it's not as difficult to read. I don't want to prompt anyone's concern, or for anyone to do anything, I'm actually not too bad today. But if this post increases understanding a bit it will have done its job...
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So the problem with coming off the happy pills and managing my various eccentricities with diet and exercise is that if I have a week of megabusy like I had last week, the care regime tends to go out of the window. Don't get me wrong, I'd do everything I did last week again in a heartbeat, but possibly I need to remind myself that self care reaps it's own rewards. As it is, this morning I woke up 2 kilos lighter from not eating properly, with achy muscles from not eating properly OR exercising properly, and with clanging depression and anxiety symptoms.

Experience has taught me that when the day starts like that I can go one of two ways. I will notice and dwell on lots of horrible things that I have no control over and spiral into panic, despair and worse; OR I will notice and dwell on things that piss me off that I CAN do something about... The latter situation is rarer but more productive. At that point the Angry playlist goes on and whoever has annoyed me had better watch out.

Which brings me to the music part of this. I have 29 playlists that I maintain carefully on Spotify to cover various situations. For instance, the Gym one is full of pumping stuff at a decent BPM for exercise; the Miserable one speaks for itself. The Angry one, though, is full of tracks to shout along to and motivate. Such as this:

In This Moment are a band I have only discovered reasonably recently, but have fallen really in love with them. And this particular song has been resonating today.
We wanted peace but you brought this war
We took enough and we won’t take any more
With our fists in the air, we’ll burn it all to the ground
We will tear your fucking empire down...
If you liked that you might want to check out You're Gonna Listen (also on the angry playlist ;)) and Adrenalize (which is on a totally different playlist which we won't go into here)
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If you don't know who Delia Derbyshire is, you've not been reading my blog very long click here

Firstly, the estwhile Dr Goldacre made a sterling suggestion on twitter the other day:I very much approve of this idea. I understand why it hasn't happened yet (BBC staffers never got the credit they deserved, it's why Raymond Cusick doesn't get credited with dalek design too) but that doesn't mean it can't happen now. Just one line to the credits of the show isn't too much to ask, surely? Ben got nearly 250 retweets on that one tweet, but I think Delia deserves a bit more than that. So lets get to it. Email/write/phone the beeb and lets see what we can get done, yeah?

Secondly, and possibly slightly more acheivably, BBC Radio 3's composer of the week feature is seventy years old this year, and they want listeners to suggest composers they haven't featured before. They've provided a handy list of composers they HAVE featured, and Delia is not on it. They say:
If there is someone you think we’ve unjustly overlooked, please do let us know. Send an email to composeroftheweek@bbc.co.uk, write to Composer of the Week, BBC Wales, Cardiff, CF5 2YQ. Or tweet us using the hashtag #COTW70.
I think it'd be awesome to have Delia featured for a whole week on radio 3, and not just because I download the Composer of the Week podcast ;) So if you've got a moment to email or tweet or even write them a snail mail, that'd be fantastic.

Thanks guys :)
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So apparently, Mick Jagger and Cleggy are mates. Like, they ate in the same restaurant and EVERYTHING. This led the lovely Petite Liberal to opine on twitter that it'd be ace if uncle Mick were a Lib Dem cos then he could come to GLEE CLUB! And you all know what that's going to lead to: a hashtag! Thus #jaggeratgleeclub was born.

Now "I can't get no... proportional representation" doesn't quite scan, but there are a couple of others that I think work
Summer's here
and the time has come
for leafletting all the streets
all we need is RISOs
sweet RISOs
there'll be RISOs everywhere...
and of course
I see a red door and I want to paint it yellow...
and I REALLY want to work on Sympathy for the Paddy
I watched with glee
While your Blairs and Browns
Fought for ten decades
For the mess they made
I shouted out,
"Who killed the Snooping Bill?"
When after all
It was you and me...
You lot have any suggestions?
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I've been planning to do my own riff on Music Monday for a while, and when I saw about the death of HMV on twitter it spurred me into posting.

When I was a wee thing, my godmother gave me a Jason Donovan album for either Christmas or my birthday. It was a reasonable guess, given the fashions of the time and my age, but she didn't know my musical tastes very well. Luckily she also had the foresight to include the receipt. So I toddled in to HMV in Bradford with a Jason Donovan album and a receipt and swapped it for two of the Iron Maiden First Ten Years double 12"ers. This song was on one of them:

You can also get it on Spotify and last.fm.

I spent much happy time in HMV Bradford, although as the years went by I spent less time buying music and more on peripheries. My two most recent purchases there were a set of headphones and an Iron Maiden T-shirt. Both times I looked at the CDs, and both times I thought "bloody hell, I'm not paying that." And therein lies the reason they're gone. I'm sad, but it's kind of inevitable.

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The Requiem Metal Podcast can be a bit patchy, and tends towards the black/death metal end of things a bit much for my tastes, but this week's edition is a bit of a corker.

They do episodes themed around a band, or a particular aspect of a band's output - I recommend listening to their Monster Magnet, Bruce Dickinson solo, and Alice in Chains editions. The latest edition is The History of the World According to Iron Maiden Part 1 (Stone Age to c.1300CE), and because one of the hosts is a history teacher there's some interesting commentary between tracks. To give you a flavour of the kind of commentary you're getting, they explain the Gordian knot as "Alexander the Great's Kobayishi Maru scenario" ;) They don't take themselves too seriously, they occasionally segue off on tangents, and the music is (obviously) good. It's well worth a listen, and I'm looking forward to next week's slice of world history Maiden style.
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Eric Pickles is apparently going on Desert Island Discs this week. We know this because he tweeted such, and asked for song suggestions. Leaving aside the fact that one is supposed to choose songs which have some special personal meaning, not crowdsoure it, many people have been making suggestions to him, some less polite than others. I can think of none more appropriate than this one, from my beloved father. I've bolded the most appropriat passage, in my view:
I am the man, the very fat man,
That waters the workers' beer
I am the man, the very fat man,
That waters the workers' beer
And what do I care if it makes them ill,
If it makes them terribly queer
I've a car, a yacht, and an aeroplane,
And I waters the workers' beer

Now when I waters the workers' beer,
I puts in strychnine
Some methylated spirits,
And a can of kerosine
Ah, but such a brew so terribly strong,
It would make them terribly queer
So I reaches my hand for the watering-can
And I waters the workers' beer

Now a drop of good beer is good for a man
When he's tired, thirsty and hot
And I sometimes have a drop myself,
From a very special pot
For a strong and healthy working class
Is the thing that I most fear
So I reaches my hand for the watering-can
And I waters the workers' beer

Now ladies fair, beyond compare,
Be you maiden or wife
Spare a thought for such a man
Who leads such a lonely life
For the water rates are frightfully high,
And the meths is terribly dear
And there ain't the profit there used to be
In watering workers' beer
Any of you lot got a better suggestion?
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I went down to the office
In my constituency
There was a great big pile of leaflets a-waiting there for me

The organiser told me
To go and get them out
And then come back for some posters and put them all about
Oh I got too much stuff to do
I got the Lib Dem activist blues

I spoke to the cand’date
He’s nothing like me
He’s white and grey and suited and he told me to be free
But I got too much stuff to do
I got the Lib Dem activist blues

I went round the doorsteps
I knocked on the door
The voter screamed into my face to not come back no more
Oh I got too much stuff to do
I got the Lib Dem activist blues

The voters they despise me
They call me hypocrite
They say that I’m a traitor to the values that make me tick
Oh I got too much stuff to do
I got the Lib Dem activist blues

So please, I beg you voter
Tho it goes against the grain
To please be gentle to me and be mindful of my pain
Cos I got too much stuff to do
I got the Lib Dem activist blues
I got the low-down dirty poor Lib Dem activist blues...
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Holly is on half term. We have been having a bit of a dance around the living room. Among the vast range of stuff we've listened to, from Lady Gaga to Iron Maiden, this is the song she liked best today:

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I don't often do these subject-per-day things, but I'm making an exception today because of the passing of a magnificent musician. Jon Lord, of the mighty organ, has passed away. I hope he'll be reunited with his good friend (and another of my great heroes) John Mortimer when he gets to the other side.

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OK, so, since I jacked Facebook in, I have lost almost all my spotify f-list, so I can't nosey at other people's playlists, and this makes me sad. HOWEVER, apparently I can add people on spotify if I kno their spotify user name ithout having to do anything with evil facebook of evil. So does anyone here want to tell me their spotify user name?

ETA: If anyone wants to spy on what I'm listening to, put spotify:user:miss_s_b into the search box and you should find me.
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