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I like cake. I like biscuits too. I also like pies and flans and muffins and buns and tarts (especially tarts). I like them shop bought and home made. I like them hot from the oven and cold from the fridge. See, I'm a liberal, and a poly one at that, and I think we are best served by variety and diversity.

Just because one is fond of cake does not mean it is reasonable or healthy to only ever eat cake, or to condemn others for liking pie or biscuits. There's room in a healthy diet for all manner of baked goods, or even an unhealthy diet.
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... I'm sure you all know which news I'm referring to. I DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT. But I am expressing solidarity here (sorry for the loaded term) with those affected.
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There are people in this world who like to be nannied. To turn their brains off and let other people do the thinking. To let someone else make all the decisions and have everything handed to them on the plate. These people are traditional statist Labourites.

There are people in this world who like taking orders. Who like the smack of firm Tory Government.

Good luck to both those sets of people. I'm a Liberal, I don't understand them, but I can dig that that's what they like. It's not what I want, though.

I want hot sexy liberalism, pure and unsullied by authoritarian bullshit. And by Cthulhu I'm lucky enough to know lots of people who want to give it to me. I'm a lucky, LUCKY girl.

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2010 is really turning out to be a big steaming pile of shite. Anyone else got anything to throw at me? Come on, bring it on. I can take it. I'm a big girl.

I really, really, really want to go and kick the shit out of something right now. Somebody give me an excuse. Please.

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