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I went to look at my last year's prediction post, and completely unexpectedly I was almost completely dead on, especially about the political stuff. Of the 12 predictions I made, only one was wrong. You can start paying me for my wisdom and insight any time you like, world...

Things I learned last year that I really should have known before:

- Sometimes a thing is just not meant to be, no matter how much you want it or how hard you work at it.
- Conversely, sometimes you can find something joyous, beautiful, and completely unexpected with very little effort at all.
- Sometimes when you are in the depths of despair and feel like throwing in the towel, a good friend can give you the perspective to carry on.

Things I am going to resolve to do off the back of that:

- Get better at recognising where the best place to put my efforts is.
- Cherish my friends.

Predictions for 2019

Not unless enough of you pay me to provide them :รพ - the donation link is in the sidebar ;)

Happy New Year :)

Goals for 2018

Monday, January 1st, 2018 05:48 pm
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1, Work towards making sure as few of my depressing political predictions come true as possible. I genuinely think that things will get worse before they get a lot worse - I am a clinical depressive, mind - but that's not going to stop me trying to prevent it. And it seems I'm not alone: the lovely Lady Mark has started work on #5 already.

2, Keep up to the dog walking schedule that I have mostly (with a lot of help from Alisdair) been keeping up to the last couple of months. It's made such an appreciable difference to Roxy's COPD having a predictable routine, I can't fail her by letting this slip.

3, Keep up to the house cleanliness that [personal profile] matgb and I have been groping towards the last few weeks, and if possible get better at it. It is so much better for my mental health to have orderly surroundings, which is frustrating when combined with my tendencies to hoard and my lack of executive function a lot of the time. However! We seem to have found a way of making this work recently, so I just need to keep it up.

4, Exercise more, and try to make it part of the actual routine. I did this best when I worked in Bradford, I gymmed 3 times a week almost without fail, and it's slipped inexorably the last couple of years. However! Daughter wants to join in on this one, so maybe we can jolly each other along.

5, Do more happy internetty things and less frustrating/rage-making ones. This means more DW, more Masto, less twitter, less stupid arguments. But also, little things like trying not to harsh other people's squee. If someone likes a thing, they don't need to know that I don't. But it also means cleaning up after myself computery-wise as well as physically. So, emptying of inboxes and things...

6, Track weekly how well I am doing at these things. I've put a reminder on the google calendar and everything. Lets see how I do.
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I didn't make any predictions last year. I should probably have more sense than to do so this year, too. However, I am willing to sacrifice myself on the altar of entertaining you all with how horribly wrong I am about all this.

click here for politics predictions )
click here for fandom predictions )
Click here for personal predictions )
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I'm still not used to the idea of not-working New Year's Eve. It's just WEIRD. But last night was lots of fun. It involved good company, industrial quantities of gin, silly card games, and snuggling on the sofa in front of Jools Holland. I woke up this morning in a happy (if somewhat bleary) tangle of limbs and got brought tea in bed and there was moar snuggling and much relaxed conversation. I cooked breakfast for the boys, and then went back to bed. So yeah, 2014 has been quite enjoyable so far. As for 2013... Well, it had it's ups and downs, but...

Things I learned in 2013
  1. Never underestimate the value of a good support network. This is a lesson I have learned before, but it bears repeating I think. So, in no particular order (and probably missing out a hell of a lot of people) thanks to:
    • my amazing daughter - I really am the luckiest mum in the world.
    • Mat (as always)
    • James (for putting up with my crazy)
    • Helen
    • Caron
    • Alisdair
    • Andy
    • Andrew and Holly
    • Richard and Alex
    • Ozzy
    • Daddy Dave
    • Sarah Brown
    • Other Sarah Brown
    • Zoe
    • Douglas
    • Other James
    • Mick
    • Jezz and Stace and Abjtal and the rest of the Lib Dem twitter massive
    • Everyone else who has been there for me at various points when I needed you.
    You made my life that bit more survivable this year. You all rock, and I am immensely grateful.

  2. If I break my own moral code I will get hurt. Also other people will get hurt too. And the way to sort things out is NOT to compound the breaking of my own moral code with more breakage. I should say, it's not that I haven't learnt this lesson before, it's just that if I ever forget it life will leap up and smack me in the face with it again...

  3. Cuddles are ace. People always assume that being poly is all about shagging (and being bi, for that matter); but sometimes a person just needs hugs. I am lucky enough to know some very huggy people. This is also something I am immensely grateful for.

  4. I'm still not good at the Not-Over-Committing-Myself thing. I too readily agree to do things for people and help people out and then run out of time to do it in. And then I end up letting people down. I always have. I am getting better at not doing this (with the aid of Google Calendar) - and yet also getting worse (seriously, I thought being chair of the local party was going to NOT involve overcommitment? D'Oh!)

  5. Doing Stuff is useful. Not just lying on the sofa with laptop all the non-work time might have led to less blogging, but it's also led to me having a usable bedroom now, getting more campaigning done, and spending more quality time with the people I love. These are all good things.

  6. I need to look after my health better. I've been doing reasonably well at the physical side of this, although I need to go to the gym more, but the last couple of months have involved a couple of worrying mental health slipups. Part of this will involve working harder on 2 & 4 above, I reckon. Almost certainly with the help of 1 and 3 ;)

  7. I'm a pretty lucky person, really. I've got a roof over my head, enough to eat, clothes to wear, lots of people to love who love me back, and lots of Doctor Who toys. I should remember that more.
What of the Year to Come?

Well, it's going to be interesting. I have more responsibilities than ever before, and I'm almost certain to cock up horrifically on occasion, but I'm actually pretty hopeful. I'm not going to make a New Year's resolution because I'm rubbish at those, but I am going to work harder on some of the stuff above. I'm feeling reasonably positive, which is something I hope to hold onto.

And, you know. Chairing. I'm sure I'll get used to the idea at some point...
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Cos every year is improved by starting with a cap from Dimensions in Time, AMIRITE?

Bye Bye 2012

Monday, December 31st, 2012 08:37 pm
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I didn't make any predictions last year, so I can't tell you how they came out, like Caron and Stephen. I'm not planning on making any this year either; my talents for precognition are non existent.

I am going to make a couple of resolutions though:
  1. Try to keep my inbox empty;

  2. Try not to over commit - again;

  3. Try to engage brain before opening gob/starting to type - in particular when I'm already tired or grumpy or depressed;

  4. Kill the first person who comments "there is no try, only do or not do" to this post
We're catching up on Last Tango in Halifax and then we're going to watch the Hootenannaaaaay.

Happy New Year

Thursday, January 5th, 2012 10:28 pm
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I'm not going to go into what a mare I have had the last couple of weeks, what with hospital visits and work and buggered ankle (again) and flu and various other things. What I do want to do is say a public thank you to Debi and Andrew and Holly for coming over on New Year's Day and making it the best New Year's Day I have had in ages. Sitting round playing daft card games and eating homemade pizza was really nice.

Here's hoping 2012 is better than 2011, which (aside from notable highlights such as James moving in with us) was utter shite.
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Ten resolutions:

  1. Make less commitments to do stuff I know I won't have the time or energy to do, thus disappointing less people. I am really bad for this. My brain is relentlessly optimistic about what I will have the spoons for, and I say to people I can do that! and then other commitments or a bad day of depression get in the way, and then I feel guilty, and then I beat myself up... It's not a good cycle.

  2. Join the gym at the bottom of the road as soon as health and finances permit, and get back to some reasonable standard of fitness. Also make progress at karate, once I am allowed to go back to doing it. I hate being enfeebled so much. It makes me grumpy, and that's not good for my mental health.

  3. Clean out my various messages, inboxes, and such at least once per week. Also tag lists and f-lists on a regular basis. My gmail inbox, for example, is currently at 355 unread messages and over 1000 total. This is not sensible or healthy, and it adds to my stress needlessly.

  4. Finalise the design for, and get Bob to tattoo my sci-fi sleeve. I have a picture in my head what this should look like, but I need to get it on paper. And then on flesh.

  5. Sort out and stick to a cleaning rota. I know I say this every year, but it really needs doing. I think I am going to have to timetable myself, but I'll have to be careful about doing it so as to not transgress 1.

  6. Schedule at least one hour of total downtime every day. If I don't have time where I am not doing ANYTHING my brain frazzles very quickly. I need to have a period where I am not committed to cleaning or work or blog posting or everything, when I can just relax.

  7. Book an Actual Holiday. For the last few years my only holiday time has been for conferences or for the FFW, and then odd weekends here and there. This year I want to have at least a week where I go away and am not committed to do anything while I am away.

  8. Leave the house at least once per day, if only to walk the dogs. I have a tendency, especially on my day off, to not get out of bed at all. This is almost certainly not healthy.

  9. Keep on top of finances. Yes, I say this every year too. But things are so tight at the moment that if I don't keep on top of them there is a serious risk of the problems becoming insurmountable.

  10. Spend more time with the people I love. I need to make more effort to schedule quality time with Holly, and Mat, and James, and all my friends, and spend less time sitting in bed and wishing I was spending time with the people I love.
You may have noticed that there's a pattern to my resolutions this year: they mostly involve things which will improve my mental health. This is important: I have spent a lot of the last couple of years feeling stressed, embattled, and run down. I need to do something(s) about that, for my own sanity and the sanity of those I live with.

Ten Predictions:

  1. The coalition will still be together at the end of the year. I think we're in this for the long haul.

  2. Clegg and Cameron will still be leaders of their respective parties, but Milli(E) will be ousted. Slightly Pink Ed is a rubbish leader, the PLP don't like him, and there are rumblings of discontent from activists too. He doesn't seem able to lead in the fashion that a party constructed in the way the Labour party is needs. I'll be amazed if he lasts.

  3. The AV referendum will be won by the Yes campaign, but by a very narrow margin. And there will be wranglings about it for a very long time.

  4. Lib Dems will continue to slide in the opinion polls until after the AV referendum. This will be mainly due to the continued and continual misrepresentation of us and everything about us by the media, especially the Daily Fail. Such misrepresentation will continue after the referendum, but if the Yes campaign win then the public will further recognise that actually there is a point to us and we can achieve things, even in the teeth of total opposition from all segments of the MSM.

  5. We'll see the first proper companion death in Doctor Who since Adric. But will it be Rory or Amy? My money is on Rory.

  6. One of the big free internet services will totally collapse. Given the events of recent days, I'll say Skype, but it could be twitter or even Faceache.

  7. Colin Firth will win the best actor Oscar for The King's Speech. And even though he's slagging off the party now, I don't begrudge him it.

  8. The second series of Sherlock will be awesome. Yeah, I know, but I had to put in one total no-brainer.

  9. I will fail to keep at least half of my resolutions above, but that won't matter, because...

  10. [personal profile] magister and [personal profile] matgb and I are going to find a nice house we can all live in together. And it will have a garden, with a shed. And we can all look after each other and it will be ace.

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2010: a year in StatPorn

  • The Numbers. Google analytics gave me the following numbers, which do not include people who read via RSS, facebook import, or LJ/DW friends pages:
    • 38,883 Absolute unique visitors
    • 62,160 visits, just over 45% of which were new.
    • 31,603 (81%) of my visitors came from the UK, and 4 from Qatar (Hello Nicki and friends!)
    • Average page views is 1.60, and average time on site is 1 minute 45 seconds, which considering that both of those include search bots is not bad.

  • Referral sites - 67% of traffic. The rise of the aggregator has has an effect this year; aside from google variants, most of my traffic came from twitter, facebook, networked blogs and the ever-relaiable libdemblogs aggregator. Last year the majority was from links and blogrolls in other people's blogs.

  • Search Terms - 18% of traffic from searches. Aside from variations on my name and user name, I'm still getting a lot of hits for Ashes to Ashes and Stephanie Flanders Stockings LOL

  • Top Five entries:
    1. Ashes to Ashes Finale.
    2. The Election for Who Geeks.
    3. Yet More Presidential Musings: Bugger it, I'm Going to Go For It.
    4. What if David Cameron loses his seat?
    5. Newsnight Porn: Scary Stuff.

Things that are worse at the end of 2010 than they were at the beginning:

  • My physical health. Mainly due to Gideon, I am pretty unhealthy at the moment. Exercise has been non-existent for a couple of months now, and I feel terribly weak and feeble. I have has surgery twice this year, and neither time was fun.

  • Finances. Between my hours getting cut at work, various emergencies like Byron's tumour and me being off work sick for six weeks minimum, and my continual inability to sort out benefits, my finances are in a pretty parlous state. But there is hope for the future. I have been filling in forms and such. Hopefully things will be more stable soon.

  • Work. Mainly because Mark and Liz are jacking in, work feels very uncertain. Also being off sick leaves me feeling out of the loop about everything.

  • Some political stuff. My political idealism has taken a real dent from being in coalition with the Tories. Ros not standing again for party president was a shock. Evan losing his seat was horrendous. And various members of my local party continue to piss me off with their small-ninded parochialness.

Things that are better at the end of 2010 than they were at the beginning:

  • My mental health. I feel a lot more stable and grounded now than I have done for a long time.

  • Relationships. [personal profile] matgb and I are still vomit-inducingly in love, and I have added [personal profile] magister to my roster. In September the Duracell Bunny and I sorted out the terms of our relationship and that now feels very stable and secure too.

  • Holly. Holly continues to grow into the most awesome person I know. I am so proud of my daughter.

  • Byron. He's like a new pup since he had his tumour removed.

  • Other political stuff. Pragmatism has taken a big boost: coalition might not be fun, but it's interesting. We now have Huppmeister J as official minister for geeks, and he's ace. Lynne Featherstone is equalities minister, and that's more than any of us could have hoped for or dreamed of this time last year. We're making a difference in government: it's not ideal, but it's better than unfettered Tories would have been.

  • Fandom stuff. Horror, in particular, seems to be undergoing something of a renaissance. Mark Gatiss's History of Horror was awesome, there was a new ghost story for Christmas, and Hammer Films has risen from the grave (again).

  • Doctor Who! I can't get over how much better the series is with its new showrunner and new lead characters. I love Eleven. I adore Amy. And the writing is exponentially better now than it was under Rusty.

In Conclusion:

Overall? It could have been worse, but it could have been a whole lot better. It doesn't have the miserable, low-grade, dull, consistent shittiness of 2009; the highs have been great, but the lows have been awful. Thank you all for being here for me in whatever guise you have been, whether that be my bestest friend, or just a lurker who never comments. You all rock.

The prospect of 2011 fills me with hope. [personal profile] matgb and [personal profile] magister and I are going to find a nice house together. It may even have a shed. I have a lovely new phone. I have lots of friends and family that I love, and who love me back. My daughter and my doggies are happy and healthy. We have lots of stuff we plan to do for the podcast, and I feel pretty well-embedded as a semi-regular at the Pod Delusion now. The FFW has its tenth anniversary. And the new series trailer for Doctor Who looks AWESOME!

So yeah, roll on 2011. Let's see what the future holds...

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Firstly, lets see how I did with my predictions and resolutions:

Ten Resolutions:
  1. Didn't happen
  2. Sort of happened: if I had kept to the same level of earnings, we would have been fine.
  3. Would have happened, if not for Gideon
  4. Happened a bit, but not as much as it should have
  5. Happened only because I had fewer to miss, but those that I did have and missed were important ones...
  6. would have happened if not for Gideon
  7. I got my old one freshened up, so that's another sort of. Would have had a new one if the design was sorted and, inevitably, were it not for Gideon
  8. Didn't happen
  9. didn't happen
  10. Didn't happen
And ten predictions:
  1. Correct
  2. Nearly correct - was up on the last two, but beaten by 1997
  3. Nearly correct - the Tories got the most votes, but not an overall majority
  4. The Tory members of the coalition ARE mostly useless, so I'm calling this one correct
  5. Not yet, but still on the cards
  6. Totally correct in all respects
  7. Also correct; other options presented themselves though
  8. Correct
  9. Correct
  10. Incorrect, because he never got around to entering
Must do better LOL. I shall put this year's up on New Year's Day. And if anyone wants to sign up for this year's [community profile] dead_pool, go ahead. I don't think anyone has got more than two, but there's a day to go, so who knows who will win? If you want to check who people put on this year's lists, click here.

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Bye bye 2009

Friday, January 1st, 2010 03:16 am
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Let's not beat about the bush, 2009. You were rubbish. Complete and utter testicles. I'm glad to see the back of you. Go on now go. Walk out the door. Don't turn around now, 'cos you're not welcome any more.

2010 is already shaping up to be better, because I am v drunk, and have seen the new year in with some very lovely people. A shout out to Nicki, and Im and Tim, and Colin, and Liz, and Jules and Si, and Emma, and all the other people who made working New Year's Eve bearable.

And, of course, to my lovely wife [personal profile] matgb who puts up with all my crap and gives me loveliness.

An also, thank you to all my lovely readers who do read. You are ace. Happy new beer!

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Twice Ten for 2010

Thursday, December 31st, 2009 01:02 am
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Ten Resolutions:
  1. Make and stick to a cleaning schedule with Mat.
  2. Stick to the budget we calculated so that hopefully we will end the year better off than we start it.
  3. Keep up with karate.
  4. Use manic time and google calendar more effectively to keep track of my commitments.
  5. Miss less deadlines.
  6. Walk the dogs at least once per day and don't make Mat do it out of laziness.
  7. Get another tattoo.
  8. Finally get around to getting married.
  9. Speak at Conference.
  10. Use the library more effectively.

And ten predictions:
  1. The election will be in May.
  2. Turnout will be up on the last three, but not as high as 1992.
  3. The Tories will win it.
  4. They'll make a rotten useless government.
  5. Rupert Murdoch's attempts to charge for access to the Sun's website will end in miserable failure, just like his purchase of MySpazz, and everyone will point and laugh.
  6. There will be more extreme weather events in 2010. Both global warming doomsayers and deniers will use them as "proof" that climate change is/isn't happening.
  7. I will not have enough money to get another tattoo.
  8. Mat and I will, once again, fail to get around to getting married.
  9. I will, once again, chicken out of speaking at conference.
  10. [personal profile] matgb will win [community profile] dead_pool
Consider yourselves tagged if you want to be.

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I am knackered. Beer festival was very busy, we had a visitor in the shape of [personal profile] shishmish (who had a bit of a nightmare journey up here, but made it and had a fab Harley Quinn costume and everything), and there was much drinking of beer. This entry is therefore going to be a bit less thoughtful than I might have hoped (and it's taken me over two hours to type, despite being mostly content-free)...

New Year is a traditional time to review what happened in the last year and express your hopes for the next. The last 12 months have seen a lot of changes for me, and also a lot of stuff not changing that I would have liked to see change. I'm still skint, and everyday life is still a ballaching struggle. On the other hand, I have had some good stuff at work, and politically, and I am as happy as I have ever been with my home life.

Hopes for the next year? My main hope at the moment is that at some point fairly soon I'll be able to not have to swim quite so hard and still be falling backwards financially speaking. We shall see if anything comes of that, but it's quite a forlorn hope at the minute. In more frivolous hopes, I'm hoping to win [community profile] dead_pool, and to get a couple of new tattoos.

I'd like to say a big to the 7,478 absolute unique visitors who have visited 31,602 times since I moved my blog to Dreamwidth. And that's not even counting those of you who read via RSS, or Facebook, or LJ. You're all fab, and you make me feel validated ;)

Let's see what the new year brings, shall we?

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