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(a list of the questions and links to all the answers can be found on this entry )

Ah. Foolishly I answered "favourite Actor" in a non-sexist way without looking ahead to future questions, so I have already answered this one here. Ooops. For those who can't be bothered clicking, those I mention are Lis Sladen, Cousin Di, and Jacks Pearce.

ETA: although I suppose, to give this entry some content and purpose, I ought to add that I am a big fan of both Louise Jameson and Nicola Bryant, particularly in the way they have taken to new media and behave on twitter.
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It looks like it's the first time I have checked my DW messages in about 6 months, from all the important and interesting stuff that was in there...

If you've sent me a DW message and I haven't replied to it, that's because I don't check my DW messages very often. I read comments pretty much as soon as they are posted, because they get emailed to me. I read emails constantly. I check my @replies on twitter several times a day. Any other method of reaching me might take... uh... a little bit of time.


Good job I had set aside some computer time tomorrow....

Also, I have a bunch more Q&A posts to make tomorrow too. Also I am going to be joining the team at [community profile] gallifrey_times. I don't quite know what happened to that whole "make sure I don't take on any more commitments" thing...

And now I am just going ellipsis mad, so I'll stop. Night night.
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So I was doing Who Daily last night, and the wife came into the room to ask me how it was going, and found me snoring with my head smooshed against the keyboard. Given the weekend I have had (24 hours of work work, 8 hours of Lib Demmery, a whirlwind visitation from Hairy Git, AND watching the new ep of Who and spending hours on the phone to Duracell Bunny squeeing about it...) it wasn't really surprising, but it was a bit embarrassing...

On the down side, this means an incomplete who daily reaction post got posted last night. On the plus side, this means an extra bonus edition this morning.... Which I ought to go and code now. So, if any of you have a post you want linking (doesn't have to be yours) leave a link in the comments or tweet me and I'll pick it up.

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