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So according to the Torygraph, Cleggy is looking for laydeez to ennoble, to correct some of our woeful gender balance issues in parliament. I don't necessarily support this option, given that I'd quite like to see the HoL reformed, and it'd be even better if we could get more ladies elected to the commons, but given our standing in the polls at the moment, I suspect that option isn't going to be a viable one.

That said, I can think of several who deserve to be ennobled.

Helen Duffett is the first to spring to mind. Helen is someone who most non-libdems won't have heard of, but EVERYONE within the party knows due to her hard work, dilligence, and sensitive manner, even when dealing with total arseholes. Caron Lindsay would be another good choice. Zoe O'Connell. Sarah Brown*. Susan Gasczack. Holly Matthies (if she CAN be, being an immigrant and all). Linda Jack would certainly put the wind up a bunch of people...

These ladies are not people I agree with on all matters, but they are good liberals, hard working, and have soldiered away for the party for long years often without the recognition they deserve.

Of course, if Cleggy is feeling mischievous and wants to annoy the Tebbits of this world, I myself would not object to being ennobled. But I think Satan will be skating to work before I get THAT phone call.

* this Sarah Brown, although there are a couple of other Sarah Browns in the party.

IPSA and whining MPs

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So Nadine Dorries' attempt to unseat Speaker Bercow was not so much a damp squib as a waterlogged firing cap. Hurrah! Bercow is a miles better speaker than Martin was (although he's no Betty, obvs) and I'm glad to see him returned.

The sooner we get a recall law, the sooner the evil harpy who sullies our bright new coalition can be removed.

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