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[personal profile] el_staplador lives in Woking. Woking has had the same result since 1983: Tories first, Lib Dems (or equivalent) second. Labour nowhere. But if you look at the figures, the Tory lead has narrowed every time, and turnout has dropped every time. It's a classic example of the electorate feeling disenfranchised; nobody bothers to go out and vote, because whoever they vote for the Tory wins.

So, certainly in Woking, you should vote Lib Dem (and persuade others to do so) because the turnout is now low enough and the gap narrow enough for that Tory majority to crumble. This is the sort of situation that the BNP capitalise on in safe Labour seats. Let's have the good guys capitalise on it for a change, y/y?

In terms of the Stepladder's personal priorities, our asylum policy is here, but the most important plank of it in my view is that we would allow asylum seekers to work, thus cutting off the whole "spongers" tabloid rhetoric.

Religious Freedom is her second policy area, and I suspect that even though El S is religious and I am not, it's an area we have common ground on. I am fully in favour of religious freedom, but that also has to mean freedom FROM religion for those who want it. By all means go to church, wear a jilbab, eat kosher, worship however and whenever you choose. But don't expect to have religious leaders in the legislature just for being religious leaders. The Lib Dems have a grand tradition on religious freedom. The bit about non-conformity in the party constitution? That wasn't put there by people with purple hair, that was put there by religious non-conformists, who didn't believe we should have the state enforcing a religion. There are lots of people in the party from all religions and none, and that's the way it should be. NOT one religion trampling all over everyone else. This is what religious freedom means to me. Your mileage may vary.

Her third policy area is climate change, and to be honest, that's something I'm a lot more comfortable talking about than religion ;). We are the only one of the top three parties who have a serious, costed, and liberal policy on Climate Change. We wouldn't BAN things, we'd alter the tax structure so that green solutions are cheaper than polluting problem causers. We'd listen to the science, not the tabloid scaremongering (on both sides) even if it was saying something we didn't want to hear (c.f. Labour's treatment of professor Nutt) and, in my view most importantly, we have joined up policies which means that (for example) the department for transport wouldn't make a mockery of our environment policies with our transport policies.

Hope that helps.

Next in this exciting series: York Central
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My fourth querent is Captain Meg, aka Sideshow Meg. She lives in the newly created seat of Meon Valley, which is projected to be a Lib Dem/Tory marginal.

I would say that anybody who doesn't want to vote Tory should vote Lib Dem in Meon Valley. If you DO want to vote Tory, then fill your boots, but if you lean Green or Labour, and don't like the blues, tactically we are your best bet.

Meg's number one priority is healthcare, and you'll find a lot about that on the Meon Valley Lib Dems website, so I don't propose to rehash it here. It's clearly a big topic in the seat in general. The environment is her number two, and it, like her number three, education, is one of the four major areas we will be covering in our manifesto.

I should have done this tomorrow, shouldn't I? LOL

Off the top of my head, the environment stuff you will like will be the Polluter Pays taxation pledge - where we promise to make sure that greener is cheaper - and the transport policies. Education will mostly focus on early years, but we do, of course, have the pledge to scrap tuition fees for all university students as soon as is practicable.

But really, the reason to vote Lib Dem in Meon Valley is a simple one: stop David Cameron getting a huge majority and railroading lots of stupid policies through by preventing him having an MP from Meon Valley.
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My third querent is [personal profile] staceyuk, who lives in North East Cambrigeshire. On the face of it, with the majority that Malcolm Moss got last time, it's a very safe Tory seat, especially given the ascendency of the Tories at the moment.

HOWEVER! Never underestimate the power of the personal vote. If you look at the last election results for my home seat, you'd reckon it for a Tory/Labour marginal. If Labour come higher than third this time in Calder Valley, I'll eat my dad's leather stetson. It's entirely possible that Malcolm Moss was a popular man. The new guy who is replacing him won't have the advantage of being a known quantity. People will be more likely to look at other candidates, rather than saying the guy we have at the moment is OK, I'll vote for him. Things are a lot more open.

Stacey says her three areas of priority are the digital economy bill, education, and civil liberties. The first and third of those are easy: there's been a commitment to add repeal of the contentious sections of the DE Bill (or rather, I should say Act, now) to our Freedom Bill. If we get elected, the Freedom Bill is one of the first things we'd enact. It's sitting there, drafted and ready, waiting for enough people to vote for us.

Education... well, it's not really my field. I will say this, though: one of the four main planks of our manifesto will be education policy. It's out tomorrow. Read it. We're promising all sorts of good stuff that I'm not allowed to talk about till the manifesto is properly launched LOL.

Finally, there is ONE more reason to vote Lib Dem in your particular constituency, Stacey. It used to be Clement Freud's seat. Do it for Just a Minute. Do it for beardy men everywhere. Call it the Clement Freud Memorial Vote.
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Are you kidding? You even have to ask?

The current MP in the seat is Emily Thornberry. What you need to know about her performance can be found on her wikipedia page. She won the seat by less than 500 votes in 2005, and second in the running was the awesome Bridget Fox. The tories were over 6,000 votes behind Bridget, and nobody else was even near to them. So it's a two horse race: Bridget, or the sitting MP.

Now, my question here is a simple one: if you live in Islington South and Finsbury, how could you consider NOT voting Lib Dem? Climate change deniers and authoritarians aside (look at that voting record) I can't see anyone who would actively choose Emily over Bridget. Bridget, the champion of internet freedom. Bridget, who is so committed to the people of the constituency that she's even putting off her wedding plans.

I've been trying to write this post for ages, but the truth is, the reason I have found it so hard to write is that I just don't see where the question is. Chuck out a new Labourite in favour of someone with the drive, passion, and intellect of Bridget Fox? It's a no brainer. There were less than 500 votes between them last time. People of Islington South and Finsbury? You have nothing to lose but your crap current MP, and everything to gain. Vote Bridget.
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In this case, a specific person has asked the question. My friend TeaKay is a very intelligent boy, but he is politically disinterested. He feels guilty about it, and wants me to persuade him to vote Lib Dem. Well, technically, he said:
A challenge to anyone of a vaguely political nature who happens by this post. That challenge can be summed up in just two words:

Sway me

I am a blank canvas. Convince me that your party is the one for me; the one next to which I should place my pencilled 'X' come voting day.
Which means that anyone reading this who is a member of another party is welcome to have a go too. I'd be interested to see the Green response, for starters.

This gets long )

I hope that goes a little way towards swaying you, TeaKay, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll try to answer. And if anyone from another party wants to have a go at persuading him to vote for them, well, I'm a Liberal, so I won't complain. Click here to see his original post.

Next in this series: Why Should I vote Lib Dem? Part 2: I Live in Islington South and Finsbury, which I have been promising Bridget Fox I will do for her for AGES now... And if anybody else wants a personalised manifesto, leave a comment with your constituency name and up to three policy areas you are interested in and I'll give it a shot.

My March sponsor is Mark Reckons. He votes Lib Dem too.

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