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This pie filling is dead easy, and can be used either as the basis for a crumble or for normal pies, or for tarts, or even sweet(ish) vol-au-vents if you've got a pouch of JusRol puff pastry in the fridge that needs using up. Like all my recipes this assumes a basic level of competency in the kichen and doesn't specify exact amounts of ingredients. When I say (for example) plenty of cinnamon, that doesn't mean a vat of the stuff, it means enough to be a big flavour without totally dominating. Today I used about three teaspoons of it, but that could vary enormously given the type and freshness of the cinnamon you are using. So, you know, use your own cookery judgment if you go for this recipe.

  • One bag of frozen black cherries (Sainsbury's and Tesco both do these, so I assume other supermarkets do too.
  • The juice and zest of one lime - or two limes if they are really small limes (or your bag of cherries is really big).
  • Some Dark Brown Muscovado sugar - not too much, you want this to remain nice and tart.
  • Plenty of cinnamon - today I have been using cinnamon hand-ground in my mortar and pestle from cinnamon sticks, but you don't need to be THAT geeky about it if you don't want. Jar is fine.
  • Some dried fruit - I recommend Crazy Jack's Organic traditional dried apricots (not the ready to eat ones, the really dry dark ones). You want roughly the same weight of dried fruit as cherries, so I'm not specifying because it depends which size bag you get.
  • Get a pan.
  • Put it on the stove on the lowest heat on the smallest ring.
  • Put the frozen cherries into the pan.
  • Add the lime juice and zest.
  • Chop the dried friut if necessary - if you're using sultanas or something you won't need to do this, but for the apricots you will - while the cherries start to gently melt.
  • once there's a reasonable amount of liquid in the pan from melting cherries, chuck in the dried fruit, the cinnamon, and the dark sugar.
  • Go and have a bath while the house fills with the smell of cherries reducing on the stove.
  • When you've finished your bath the stuff in the pan should have reduced down to less than half what it was initially, and be nice and gloopy.
  • Leave to cool, and once it has cooled use to fill the pastry product of your choice

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Monday, June 25th, 2007 08:37 pm
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I am eating good tonight. I made homemade spicy vegetable soup (NTS: even ONE bird eye chili adds more than "a little kick") and ate it with fresh brown bread and butter. And now I have home made peach pie. Mmmmmmmm pie.

[livejournal.com profile] jw77 came up with an interesting suggestion on the entry below where I talk about films from and of books. We were talking about various ideas related to comic book films, and conversation inevitably turned to who I should be cast as... I am a bit freaked by Hannah Chapter of Cabbalistics Inc.; this strip originated after I drifted from 2000AD reading, so I hadn't seen it before, but... Am I alone in seeing a small resemblance there?

Also, it's struck me just now that I really have come a long way in the last couple of years, in that I can cheerfully participate in MeatLoaf lyrics exchanges without getting the slightest bit freaked out. Hurrah! Those of you who have known me for a veryvery long time will know what this is about; the rest of you? You just need to know that MeatLoaf had some very bad associations for me; they now seem to be healed. I don't know how that has worked, but I am glad it has. Still not feeling brave enough for track six on BooH II though... Anyway, this is definitely A Good Thing, because I always rather liked Mr Loaf and resented the bad associations he brought into my mind, so YAY!

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The best pie in the world ever. Shame I can't eat it. Might have to make a version with lime juice/zest instead of chocolate.

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