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[community profile] gallifrey_times went away for a long while, but since I've managed an issue per day all week, I think I can confidently say that it's back.
  • If you are a Who fan who wants a daily shot of news and reviews and links to fanworks, please subscribe. We're a bit like Who Daily on LJ (although we explicitly try not to tread on their toes - there was a time when I was a back up for Who Daily as well as doing GT and I still have a lot of affection for them).

  • If you're a Who fan who does fic, or reviews, or art, or vids, or podcasts, or any other content you want promoting to other Who fans? please request to be added to our watch list - I'd really REALLY love to have more Dreamwidth-hosted content on there.
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So I've been helping out [personal profile] evilawyer with The Gallifrey Times, which is a bit like Who Daily, but for DW. The thing is, because of various reasons mostly to do with not treading on other people's toes, GT will only link to stuff either posted in or publicised in a public post in a DW comm. So, for instance in my latest edition, I link to something on AO3 and a couple of things in personal journals, but only because they've been publicised in comms on DW.

So basically, what I am asking is: if you post a review or a fic on DW, please can you pimp it out through a comm? Cos then we can link it in GT. It'll mean a bit more work for [personal profile] evilawyer and me, but hopefully it'll mean more readers for you and for GT, and more readers is more and better discussion, right?
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There are many things which mark me out as a pariah in certain sections of Who fandom. I am female, which is a big no-no in some fandom spaces, although gradually these are getting less. I thought David Tennant was the worst doctor ever, which is practically a hanging offence in most of the majority-female WhoFan arenas. But worst of all, my favourite Doctor is Old Sixie, which means that (for example) I can't read Behind The Sofa without going into paroxysms of rage, because they casually slag off Fat Colin on a regular basis.

There are, however, safe spaces for even me. There follows a list of my Who essentials:


* Millennium Elephant, my erstwhile sponsor who has been cruelly denied Lib Dem Blog of the year for TOO LONG. Millennium's Daddy Richard does long and detailed Who reviews, which generally pick up on more salient points about plotting than I can manage.
* Daddy Alex, Millennium's other daddy, who wrote the superlative How Doctor Who made me a Liberal Can't pimp that out too many times
* [personal profile] lizbee, who is good at spotting misogyny and racism, but doesn't let it stop her loving the show
* [personal profile] londonkds
* [livejournal.com profile] whodaily, which is very comprehensive.


* Dirty Whoers, now featuring Brian Blessed (YAY!)
* The Eleventh Hour, whose eclectic musical accompaniments are always interesting.


* Joe Lidster utterly gorgeous Who writer.
* Dirty Whoers and EHpodcast (again) because they always find lots of interesting Who links.
* Toby Hadoke, writer of Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, and fellow Whovian Parent.
* Mitch Benn, the reason why they don't take the piss out of Who Geeks on The Now Show.

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I have five of them. Ozzy has already got one, one is reserved for Del, and one is reserved for Scarletgirl (I need a valid working email address to send them to, ladies, if you want to PM me one on here or DM on Twitter or something).

This means I have three going. Who wants 'em? First post, first served!

Gra? Urgle.

Friday, January 20th, 2006 11:18 am
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http://anw.livejournal.com/296833.html <-- for the artists on my f-list. Mnemo?

No letters from the inland revenue today. This worries me more than another letter would have.

Smoke-free days: three
Bodycount: none.

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Monday, January 16th, 2006 10:58 am
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I blame Miss D and her Pervy Al Gore fetish for this...

* hugs knees to chest and stares blankly ahead *

Last night's dream was the most horrible I have ever had. I was married. Happily, ecstatically, deeply-in-love married. To Gordon Brown. (Here is Gordon's wiki, for those blissfully unaware of his existence: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon_Brown ) Apparently news has just broken that Mrs Gordon is pregnant again, so perhaps some sort of vibe on the ether is jointly responsible with Miss D's pervy Al Gore fetish for this?

* whimpers *

Thank the FSM for small mercies, there was no jiggy-jiggy. But there was much gazing adoringly into each other's eyes, and holding hands whilst striding confidently across the countryside being filmed by the BBC for a documentary, with Jerusalem playing on the soundtrack. For some reason we also snuck into a church service and were horrified by the bile coming from the pulpit (possibly a reference to Hullfire's recent experience) at which point Gordon stood up and spoke movingly and magnificently about the traditions of liberal tolerance in both Britain and Christianity. As I looked on with pride and adoration...

I feel sick.

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