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I've been listening to this one for a few weeks now, and the reason I'm reccing it today is the latest episode.

The Boring Talks is a podcast about the intriguing intricacies of things which most people think are dull. It grabbed me with the first episode, about what the actual date of the end of the world in HHGTTG might be, and the second episode about book pricing algorithms was fascinating too. So I subscribed. And I rather enjoyed the next few episodes.

Then came this week's episode: the Argos Catalogue. And it's not so much a podcast episode as a surrealist, glorious, hilarious, absolutely insane, beautiful piece of performance art.

I listen to a LOT of podcasts. There's very few I listen to more than once. My client is set to delete episodes once they've been listened to. This one? This one is heading for its third listen.

I rec the podcast as a whole, and listening to the first few eps might be enough to adjust your mind enough that it can bend round this episode. Trust me, it's worth it.
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Jackalope on Masto came up with the idea of #SubSat/#SubscribeSaturday, where a person recs RSS feeds to their readers because human recs are more interesting and variable than algorithms.

I thought that was good idea, so here I am with two RSS feed recs for you

1, a podcast: The Curious Cases of Fry & Rutherford
In which Hannah Fry and her sidekick investigate all sorts of interesting science questions. It's made by BBC radio 4, so production standards are excellent, and the presenters have a great rapport with gentle humour but also scads of interesting knowledge.

2, a blog: Either/And by Jen Yockney MBE.
http://jenyockney.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default (on DW at [syndicated profile] eitherand_feed)
If you have any interest in queer politics in the UK, Jen is a must read. Bi and trans and a former chair of LGBT+LDs, Jen is incisive and thoughtful about politics, but leavens it with a large amount of dry wit.
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Are you a Lib Dem? Do you listen to a lot of podcasts to stop yourself listening to the Today programme and going mad with rage? OK, maybe that second one is just me... Anyway, if you do fit the podcast-listening-Lib-Dem demographic, you might be interested in these two:
  • Limehouse Podcast, which is by and for Lib Dems but aims to not be too wonkish.

  • Liberated Podcast which is "by Laura Sheeter" but has the smell of LDHQ all over it, not least because every episode just happens to feature Vince Cable.


Of the two, Limehouse has been going for longer. The presenter is... well, he's clearly a lib dem. He has a tendency to slip into 1980s Radio 1 DJ midlantic every so often (even though he's probably too young to remember the 80s radio 1 DJs, the lucky sod), which is both endearing and irritating at the same time. The podcast itself tends also to be a bit "man man manly men... oh yeah, sometimes women have views, especially on sexism, don't they? But on important stuff we're going to solely talk to men. And all the top lib dems in the theme tune are men. Man man manly men." This, as you can imagine, winds me up.

However, all that said? Limehouse feels like a proper podcast made by people who actually get podcasting. They do appear to pay attention to and listen to their audience. It's usually pretty entertaining, and genuinely informative. While it is clearly made on a budget of BEHOLD MY MIGHTY TWENTY PENCE, it still meets sound quality requirements. And the manliness thing should be easy enough to sort out given the will to do it (and the will shows sporadic signs of appearing), so I'm going to keep listening for now.

Recommended eps for Limehouse are: The one with Elaine Bagshawe and Dawn Barnes, and the one with Lynne Featherstone.


Liberated, by contrast, feels like An obviously old person saying "how do you do, fellow kids?" in podcast form. The presenter is much slicker than the presenter of Limehouse, and the production values are noticeably higher. Liberated also has the USP of featuring The Views of Our Glorious Leader on every single episode. This means that it sometimes feels like we are being asked to be grateful for pronouncements from on high, but also sometimes means that, when he gets challenged (as in the diversity episode, by Simon from Operation Black Vote) you actually get something really interesting.

Liberated escapes the man man manly men thing by having a female presenter... But in terms of actual guests, actually giving their views? Limehouse is actually doing far better on the gender balance front. Liberated has never had a female guest. Ever. This is simply not good enough. And I'm not even going to go into other protected characteristics in terms of diversity of guests for either of the two podcasts.

I can only really recommend one ep of Liberated so far: the Diversity one with Simon from Operation Black Vote. I'm not going to lie, I really dislike the HQ smell all over Liberated. I'm a paid up member of the Awkward Squad, and if I wanted to be told what to think by the leader I'd actually follow him on twitter... But I do recognise that there is a market for this kind of thing, and perhaps I am being a bit too curmudgeonly.


In terms of which one, if either, you should listen to? That's up to you. I predict that Liberated will become more successful, because it has the not-very-covert backing of the leadership, and even Lib Dems have an unfortunate tendency to bend at the knees (see the Europe vote last conference). But for those of us who have an instinctive urge towards not doing as we are told? I'm rooting for Limehouse. I'll keep listening to both for now, though. For now.
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For a couple of years now I've done Pod Together, where someone writes a fic and someone else turns it into audio, and the resulting thing is put up for all to see. Here are my previous ones; as you can see, I tend to record other people's writing.

Anyway, having glanced through this year's sign-ups, we seem to have a glut of recorders and fewer writers this year, so I thought I'd publicise the sign-ups to see if anyone else might want to join in, especially as a writer? You can sign up on tumblr, dreamwidth or livejournal. I'm totally not doing this in the hopes that someone will write me some nice Six/Evelyn Fluff to record or anything, honest...
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So, those of you who know my podcasting habits will know that one of the few constants is The Wyrd Ways Rock Show. It's the ONLY music podcast that's lasted the distance for me - must be five or six years I've been listening to it now.

There's several reasons for that. It helps me keep up with new music I'll (probably) like in this increasingly fragmented musical world, because it defiantly includes all kinds of rock and metal, and doesn't restrict itself to any of the increasingly narrow bands that modern bands like to slot themselves into. I like Carl's relaxed presenting style, and his comfortingly Yorkshire voice - there's something very reassuring about him. I like Elfie's enthusiasm and joy at finding new stuff to bring to the world. But mostly, I like the attitude of the show, which is: it's the music that matters.

So the Wyrd Ways RS doesn't discriminate if you're black, or LGBT+, or a girl. Orianthi is just a bloody good guitarist. Doro Pesch is just a statesman of rock. Rob Halford is just the singer for Judas Priest. None of that gatekeepy bullshit on the Wyrd Ways RS: if your music is good, you get played, no matter what your non-musical attributes.

Recent events have brought to the forefront just how bloody special this is. Don't even start me on the silliness that is #Metalgate (except that I feel sorry for these Czech festival organisers who have been going since '08 and suddenly got tarred with a very silly brush). So it was with the greatest joy that I listened to the last-but-one episode of the show:

Here is a link to the webplaying version of episode CCXCVI. This episode will be known forever to me as the "what is this female-fronted-metal pigeon-holing bullshit? Women play ALL KINDS OF METAL!" episode. And it's got some bloody astounding music on. Srsly, check the playlist. It's nearly four hours of glorious, joyful, beautiful music that sticks two fingers up at the rest of the world and says: "I don't care what YOU think; this is what I like".

So go listen to it. Go on. You can do it in chunks if you like. Then go subscribe and help pay for the upkeep of the show: it's worth it, I promise.
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In between Doctors' appointments the last few days I managed to spend an hour or so on Skype to take part in the House of Comments podcast for this week. I tried very hard to be polite and not interrupt, even to the extent of not ribbing Emma about her obsession with bar charts on focus leaflets, so those of you hoping for Fireworks might well be disappointed.

Topics covered include Ian Duncan Smith's interesting approach to the use of statistics, the long ramifications of legislation in comparison to the short attention span of the Westminster Village, and European fish quotas.

I wasn't at my combative best, but I think I did OK.

You can listen or subscribe via RSS for android or PC, or via iTunes for Appley people.
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The Requiem Metal Podcast can be a bit patchy, and tends towards the black/death metal end of things a bit much for my tastes, but this week's edition is a bit of a corker.

They do episodes themed around a band, or a particular aspect of a band's output - I recommend listening to their Monster Magnet, Bruce Dickinson solo, and Alice in Chains editions. The latest edition is The History of the World According to Iron Maiden Part 1 (Stone Age to c.1300CE), and because one of the hosts is a history teacher there's some interesting commentary between tracks. To give you a flavour of the kind of commentary you're getting, they explain the Gordian knot as "Alexander the Great's Kobayishi Maru scenario" ;) They don't take themselves too seriously, they occasionally segue off on tangents, and the music is (obviously) good. It's well worth a listen, and I'm looking forward to next week's slice of world history Maiden style.
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Skyfall was pretty bloody awesome, aside from the last 90 seconds or so. It's certainly Craig's first Proper Bond Film, and I'd say it's the best Bond film since Goldeneye. The only bit I didn't like in an otherwise very enjoyable film was SPOILER! ) However, I have solved this by adding a thirty second coda to the end of the film in my head: I wish this was a spoiler ).

For a more incisive review, please see the fluffy elephant (you may recognise the content of the first comment).

The Pirates! In an Adventure With Scientists is one of those rare films that's better than the book. A thoroughly enjoyable romp, despite some dodgy gender politics, most of which I have forgiven because of the stonkingly good singalongable soundtrack (yes, I'm shallow).

Madagascar 3 was surprisingly enjoyable, but the soundtrack was nowhere near as good so the gender politics bothered me more ;)

Hotel Transylvania was pretty good, despite some REALLY dodgy gender politics AND the only gay character being a serial sexual assaulter (which the film was at pains to normalise - which kind of takes away from the positive of having a gay character in a kids' film. Paranorman did this a LOT better). Holly loved it so much that she wanted to be a vampire for Halloween, though (see yesterday's post).

Red Dwarf the new series has been pretty good. Not "OMG AWESOME!!!" but pretty good. I'd be pleased if they make another series.

Question Time I haven't actually watched this series at all, and my stress level are markedly lower. Still addicted to Any Questions on radio four, though.

Drabblecast is a podcast I would have unreservedly recommended right up until the most recent episode, which had some problematic content hitherto unknown to this listener, and I've been listening for a good 12 or 13 episodes now. The content is very varied but always interesting (even the problematic episode was interesting) and the host has a voice which doesn't grate on my ears, which is almost unknown in a ficion podcast.

Clarkesworld podcast is even better, IMHO. The host has a LOVELY voice, and gives insightful comment on the stories as well as reading them very well (aside from her pronunciation of some English placenames in the superlative "England Under The White Witch" episode).

University Challenge I have been pretty addicted to this series, but that's possibly because of the game James and I have taken to playing while watching it. It's possibly quite a cruel game. We try to spot the serial killer, and what their method of killing is. For example, the most recent episode had a poisoner, a Lecter-esque cannibal, and a very worrying alien wearing human skin...
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So today's plan was to record an interview with a Very Important Person for the Pod Delusion. This had been set up some weeks in advance, and the VIP had kindly set aside some time for me, and all was cool. As the allotted time approached I was contacted by an underling: they were having some problems with Skype, could I bear with them while the IT person sorted it out? Obviously, I said of course, and hung around watching lips move but no sound appearing on an increasingly frustrated underling's face as Skype steadfastly refused to work at their end. Apparently they could hear me fine, but up here? Nothing.

My time slot ran out, but the VIP very graciously offered to try again later. Later came around and again, Skype wouldn't work. I suggested that given my mobile phone has recording software, we try doing it that way instead. So the VIP rang me up, and I set the recording software going and all was going swimmingly.

About two minutes into the interview, my mother tried to ring on my mobile phone. I ignored the incoming call and thought nothing of it. After around 20 minutes of conversation, which I thought had gone reasonably well and would probably edit down to ten minutes of solid interview, I thanked the VIP and hung up and checked the recording software. And thought
Hang on, why have I only got two minutes of recording...
So, apparently, if you're recording a phone call and someone else rings, EVEN IF YOU DON'T ANSWER, the recording software will stop. Who knew? Not me, and clearly not my mother.

This means that I have a totally useless recording of a couple of minutes of how are you? and other such pleasantries AND I have wasted the time of a really nice and really busy person with nothing to show for it. I think I am justified in saying AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!

On the plus side, having rung my mother back to find out what she wanted, hoping that at least it would be something important, at least she now knows that I am working this evening...
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* trigger warning for discussion of rape in the abstract *

I listened to this week's episode of the Pod Delusion last night. It contained a sardonic reference to the "meat is murder" trope - if meat is murder, then perhaps dairy produce is rape, and if you're vegetarian rather than vegan aren't you saying that rape is sometimes OK?

This is clearly a dig at the sort of people who think that meat is murder. I think it's a bit misplaced for all sorts of reasons*, but that's not what I want to talk about right now. What I want to talk about right now is my instant, unthinking flinch reaction when I heard the words rape is sometimes ok coming from the speaker. It felt like a physical punch to the gut, even though I know that this is not view that the person uttering the words espouses, and I know that he was just trying to make a hyperbolic point. I (totally involuntarily) imagined my rapist hearing that and thinking that it made everything OK.

It was clearly an irrational reaction on my part. I make no bones about that. Show me someone who claims to never have had an irrational reaction, and I'll show you a liar. But irrational as it was, it was real, and it hurt. How do I square this circle? Dismissing it as mere folly on my part feels wrong, and in some ways victim-blamey; equally kicking up a big stink about it also feels wrong. James O'Malley said something which hurt me, totally unintentionally, and making a big fuss about it will only compound and spread that hurt, and it's entirely probable that everyone involved will just feel attacked and become less likely to listen to each other. There's already been one person who has taken their bat and ball home over this, and I suspect that the imputations of trollery coming from Liz L on twitter today were referring to that rather than to me, but I'm not sure, it's entirely possible it could be me she's talking about... So already it's escalated past what the original hurt justified, and hurts are being compounded.

But then if I shut up about it, am I contributing to the issue? If I back down the face of all the But it was only a joke! And it wasn't even a rape joke really, it was a joke that happened to mention rape! etc. and the quite reasonable comments that if every episode was examined for things that might possibly cause offence to some people... Well, they'd never be able to mention Michael McIntyre again, for starters.

I don't want to censor anyone. I don't want to be the thought police. I don't want to stop people from saying whatever they like, whenever they like.

I just want people to be aware that when they say things, sometimes that can have unintended consequences, and that if people respond in a way you don't expect, that's maybe an opportunity to learn.

I thought Skeptics were supposed to like learning.

* for example, just because humans are different from other animals doesn't mean we are intrinsically better or more valuable. I profoundly disagreed with a lot of what the report said, and I say this as a meat eater.
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... for the [community profile] pod_together Dreamwidth/LJ community, which matches podcasters with fanfic authors, hopefully to exciting effect.

I didn't write it, I just read it, but I'm still quite proud of it. It features the three witches and Death. You can check it out here.

((X-posted personal DW & [community profile] pterry_fans))

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I have signed up for [community profile] pod_together, but only as a reader/podficcer, not as a writer (really don't have time for the writeyness at the mo). So, any of you who write stuff, and would like it read out in my dulcet tones, do feel free to go sign up:

Open for sign ups May 16 to May 27 on LJ and DW
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Both of them have a slightly sweary contribution from me. On the Pod Delusion I am only slightly sweary; it's an adaptation and expansion of this blog post from the other day. The Pod Delusion is one of my very favourite podcasts, and I always get squeeful when I'm on it.

On the Eleventh Hour I am very sweary indeed, partly because they asked for contributions from female listeners about swearing in the show, and the use of one particular word. So if you don't like that word, and I think you can guess what word it is, don't listen. Also, if you don't like long and rambling podcasts about Doctor Who you'll probably not want to listen to it.
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And you can get it here.

Absolutely mammoth editing job this time, and it's still over an hour. We've taken into account some of your comments about the music. The sound quality is still not quite as good as I would like it, but it's getting better.

And of course, there's the audience participation discussion.... Thanks to all those of you who sent something in; we're not necessarily totally polite about you all, but... ;)

Do have a listen, please, and leave your comments on the episode post and such. Thankee!

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Just a quick note before I drag myself into work. Episode one of my new podcast is out now, so if you've got 46 minutes to spare at some point and you'd give it a listen I'll be grateful.

Constructive crit gratefully recieved. I know there are some sound quality issues, and I have already had some advice on that from m'freind in Ealing. Content-wise, though... Do you think we're striking the right balance? Do you have a contribution for the audience participation topic? Do you want to enter the Exciting CompetitionTM?

Do let me know.
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... follow this link and some of your questions will be answered.

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A delusion of Pods

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 02:54 pm
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I don't know how many of you are aware of this, but I appear to have become a semi-regular contributor to The Pod Delusion, by dint of being able to toss off random bollocks at half an hour's notice if the show is short on content. If you don't subscribe to PD, I would recommend it. It's always interesting even when I'm not on it. For instance, Alex Foster's piece on Letterboxes in episode 53 should be of interest to all Lib Dems - and why not join The Campaign For Humane Letterboxes while you're listening?

If you want to just listen to me, though, I have so far appeared on episodes 48, 49 and 54, and there is an RSS feed of eps featuring me here. Give me a holler if you want me to set up DW or LJ syndication.

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I went demob happy and had beer beer and more beer when I finished work because I'm not at work again until Wednesday next week! YAY! In other news, the pod delusuion with my piece about teenagers is up and available for download: click here to get it.

Byron's wound is healing good, and both doggies are taking their pills.

Night night.

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I got the results from Byron's biopsy just now. It is/was a soft tissue sarcoma. It's benign, and wasn't very aggressive, so is very unlikely to metastasise, but it's fairly likely to recur in the same spot.

It's unlikely to kill him even if it does recur.

So, you know. It could have been a lot worse.

In other news, I just got my first piece accepted for the Pod Delusion, so listen out on Friday when the episode comes out for a bit by me.

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I have had a bad brain day today. This has meant I have listened to all of my podcasts and have none left and am thus craving new ones. Here is a list of what I currently listen to (starred ones I consider to be essential listening):

6 Music Recommends - BBC 6 Music
Analysis - BBC Radio 4
Best of Natural History Radio - BBC Radio 4
Beyond Belief - BBC Radio 4
Click On - BBC Radio 4
*Dirty Whoers - independently produced
*The Eleventh Hour Podcast - independently produced
*Dr Karl and the Naked Scientist - BBC Radio 5 live
Feedback - BBC Radio 4
File on 4 - BBC Radio 4
*Friday Night Comedy - BBC Radio 4
*Gardener's Question Time - BBC Radio 4
Gardening with Tim and Joe - BBC Radio Leeds
John Pienaar's Political Review - BBC Radio 5 Live
*Law in Action - BBC Radio 4
Material World - BBC Radio 4
*Newsjack - BBC Radio 7
Nights with Alice Cooper - some station in the US
Outriders - BBC Radio 5 live
Politics UK - BBC World Service
Science in Action - BBC World Service
Science Weekly - The Grauniad
Scotland's Funny Bits - BBC Radio Scotland
Test Match Special - BBC Radio 4
*The Pod Delusion - independently produced
*****The Wyrd Ways Rock Show - independently produced, and awesome, and you should all listen to it
Today in Parliament - BBC Radio 4
Tom Robinson Introducing - BBC 6 Music
*Weekly Political Review - BBC Radio 4

As you can see, I'm very heavy on the radio 4. A lot of the time, I hear one or other of these shows live (like Law in Action today) and don't need to listen to it on the podcast. I'd like to broaden what I listen to. I want more music stuff, more stuff with girls in, more fun and funny stuff. Rec me!

Stuff I don't want reccing:

- anything US-centric (sorry, USians, I do love you guys, but...)
- anything overly testosterone-laden
- music podcasts that don't actually have any music in them (like most of the 6 music ones)
- any more politics stuff - I think I have enough (oh yes, and the reason House of Comments isn't on there is because I still can't get the bloody thing to download to my phone)

Stuff I DO want reccing:

- stuff with Northern accents
- geekgirl stuff
- a girly rock show would be awesome
- stuff that has a sense of humour

Help me, oh f-list, you're my only hope!

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For those of you who are interested in my appearances elsewhere, I have a guest post up on Geeka Chicas (again) about the FFW, and I have a three minute speechy bit (and lots of mentions) in this week's Eleventh Hour podcast. They also go on about how brilliant my lovely sponsor is, with which I can only agree...

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I have become something of a podcast addict. These are the five I cannot live without:
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Yay! I'm ridiculously excited by this. Dirty Whoers is my favourite Who podcast by a long long way, and you should all listen to it.

I feel comforted that their views on the most recent episode pretty much chimed with mine, even if they did blather on about the Labservativers and barely mention the Lib Dems in their election section.

Anyway, whofans on my f-list: go subscribe!

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