PSA: Bad Brain Day

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 10:45 am
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I am having one. Work was horrific yesterday, and there were various dramas outside of work as well, and work today looks as though it's not going to be any better. So I'm not tweeting, I'm not reading blogs, I'm only checking emails from people on my important list, and my phone is on block mode*. Cut down and shut down.

It's Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday, Nina Simone and various other bluesy jazzy type people on the playlist today.

Still, I did manage to nip into Waterstones and pick up a payday book** on my way into work today, so it's not all bad. I got this. Because how could I resist that when it was displayed so prominently?

*this means that if you try to phone or text me you will only get through if you are one of nine people. Four of whom are work-related, and one of whom doesn't have a working phone at the moment.
**yes, THANK YOU McGREGOR for that idea. Bloody candidates, costing me money.
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It's trying to snow outside the office right now, so I figure it's time for this public warning:

Many years ago, I was in an abusive relationship. Since that time I have had some measure of martial arts training because I don't EVER want to be in the position again where someone can hurt me physically without coming a LOT worse off than I do. If you surprise me with a physical attack, like, for example, throwing a snowball at me, I will break your face before my conscious brain even realises what I am doing.

For your own safety, do not throw snowballs at me. Or drop them down the back of my neck.

Thank you.

My Apologies

Thursday, August 4th, 2011 03:52 pm
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For the first time since this blog went live I have put comment moderation on (only for anonymous comments). Today's exercise in conversational terrorism with its wilful misreadings, straw men, and concern trolling has both bored me and made me weary, and I have done it with a heavy heart. Still, my house, my rules.

I apologise to regular commenters without a Dreamwidth account. I'm sorry I have put another stumbling block in your way. I can only repeat my offer of invite codes: if you're logged in there's no moderation or CAPTCHA to contend with.

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This means all. Every last one. Yes, even YOU.

On the 1st of August I will be effectively shutting down my personal facebook account. There are myriad reasons for this, but mostly it boils down to: I never really liked Facebook, and now I have something better to replace it with. I am moving to Google+.

If you still want to interact with me on Facebook, you will have to "like" my public page, which will continue having feeds from my blog and twitter. I'll be emailed notifications if you comment on the page, so practically, given how little I use Facebook anyway, you should notice very little difference.

If you send me a friend request on Facebook I will not accept it from now until the foreseeable future. Please don't be offended by this; it's not you I'm shunning, it's Facebook.

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Today I am going to be doing one of my periodical f-list clean-ups.

This is mostly inspired by wanting to get out of Facebook as much as possible for various reasons: now that I have Google+ this is a more distinct possibility. This does not mean I am abandoning Facebook altogether, merely that it will become, as Livejournal has, an adjunct to my internet life that I only look at occasionally. I will be removing a LOT of people from my facebook f-list today and some of them are very close friends; I'll only be keeping you on there if the stuff you put on there is really important stuff that I can't access anywhere else.

If you find yourself among the people removed, and you want to remain on facebook and not lose touch with me then your best option is to "like" my public page; pretty much everything gets fed through that anyway, so you won't miss much, and I do now get notifications when people comment on it.

If you want to add me to a circle on Google+ my profile is here, and if you need an invite I'll need your email address.

There'll be a bit of trimming on DW and LJ and Twitter today too. As usual, this says little about my affection for the people being trimmed, but everything about my available amount of internet time. Anyone trimmed is welcome to keep following my public stuff by whatever means they wish, if they wish.

Thank you for understanding.
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For those of you who are interested in my appearances elsewhere, I have a guest post up on Geeka Chicas (again) about the FFW, and I have a three minute speechy bit (and lots of mentions) in this week's Eleventh Hour podcast. They also go on about how brilliant my lovely sponsor is, with which I can only agree...

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Three PSAs

Saturday, December 19th, 2009 03:01 pm
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  1. It's sponsor time of the month in two days. Anyone want to give me some money? Go on, you know you want to. Think of it as birthday present for me.

  2. There are four crash spaces left for visitors on my birthday, Space 1 claimed by [personal profile] burkesworks and space 2 by [ profile] hairygit. Any more for any more?

  3. Mat and Holly and the doggies and I are off to Devon on Monday until Christmas day. We will be taking the laptop, but I don't know how easy it's going to be to get online, so net access may be restricted to Opera Mini on the mobile phone. Just so you are aware if you're wanting me to do anything involving bandwidth - why yes, I AM looking at you, Mr Dan Dan the Wikio Man. Anyone who might need to talk to me has my mobile number, I think, and if you haven't you can always ask.

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But I might as well be. I'm in Solihull.

My laptop charger cable is broken, hence the lack of blogging/email answering recently. I have borrowed my dad's Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee to type this and I have 351 unread emails which number I am desperately trying to reduce - eeeeeeeeek! Brother is trying to mend laptop cable for me, but he can't find his soldering iron so he's using a little blowtorch... I can't see this ending well, but I shall keep you posted.

Anyhew, I am in Solihull because I am going to the bike show with daddy dearest, so blogging would likely be light anyway. Expect much whinging over the next few weeks about how unfair it is that I can't afford a motorbike anymore... But the point of this post is, if you need to contact me desperately, the best method is to text/call me on my mobile phone. Number is here (you'll need to be on my f-list to click the link).

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... because I'm going to run away for a couple of days and hide from life. I have some fun things to do lined up, and hopefully it will be a restorative. See you on the other side.

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I don't think there is anybody on my various f-lists that is this dumb but the past fortnight really has worn down a lot of my faith in humanity so...

If anyone here thinks that it's a terrible tragedy people are picking on that sweet little director Roman Polanski when all he did was drug and rape a child, please fuck off. No, really. Fuck right off.

I am tolerant of a lot of things, I don't care if you guys run naked but for ears and a tail through the streets hitting each other with razor wire whips and yelling "Yiff me baby" but as a survivor of rape myself, rape apologists are something I can not and will not tolerate.

This isn't something I'm willing to discuss, debate or argue about. So, if you can't understand that rape, no matter whether it happened thirty seconds or thirty years ago is a bad thing, then please do us both a favour and defriend me.

Again, I don't think anyone here is that stupid but I felt I had to check.

((Thanks to [personal profile] etoile for letting me borrow her words))

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PSA: Voicemail

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 04:50 pm
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Am having problems accessing voicemail on the new phone. At some point I'll get around to phoning the service provider and doing something about it, but probably not for a bit.

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Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 12:40 pm
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  1. I have lost the charger for my mobile phone. If you have sent me a text message or tried to ring me in the last 24 hours, and wondered why I didn't respond, this will be it. I can't afford a new one for a couple of weeks, so if it's urgent, ring me on the landline, or go via Mat.

  2. I have three invite codes for DW. Anyone want one who hasn't got one yet?

  3. There's still a bunch of you non-Dreamwidthers posting truncated feeds or bare URLs. I'm looking at you, Oranjepan! I am going to have a clear out on Thursday. Consider this your warning!

  4. I shall be doing a blood is the life in a minute, then I have a Book Geekery post that's squirming about in my head. Apologies in a dvance for the spammery.

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