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My government’s legislative programme will continue to deliver on its long-term plan to build a stronger economy and a fairer society. My government will introduce a Bill to enable the eating of brains and the gnawing of limbs by undead politicians. Undead yes, unperson no.
... I may not have been paying the fullest of attention to dear old Lizzy. I'm glad that she's a Lib Dem though, because only a Lib Dem would have put SEFS in the very first sentence of a speech but forgot to include the "enabling everyone to get on in life" bit </petpeeve>

In brief, my thoughts on some of the announcements:
  • Small business, enterprise and employment bill: could be interesting, especially the pubs bit.
  • Infrastructure bill: is a mixed bag I can see leading to a LOT of disputes unless VERY carefully drafted.
  • Social action, responsibility and heroism bill: I bet this will be used for farmers who shoot people in the back a lot more than it will be used for ACTUAL have-a-go heroes. Not that I'm cynical.
  • Recall of members of parliament bill: seems to provide powers so narrow they will never actually be used, and thus be utterly pointless.
So... could be worse. And certainly not like a Labour Queen's Speech announcing more legistlation than you can shake a stick at (thankfully). But it could be a damn sight better as well, and the married couple's tax allowance thing really sticks in my craw.

For a more nuanced reaction, Caron's post on LDV is worth a read.
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So, there's a new kid on the Bo Rhap comedy covers block.

The Muppets

It's certainly more original than the

Zany Newsreaders, although I will always have a HUGE soft spot for George Alagiah, Rock God. And how awesome is Michael Buerk's drumming? The thing is, like so much else's of BBC News' output, that version will never recover from the excruciating contribution made by Nick Robinson and Jug Ears Marr.

No, my favourite always has been, and always will be, the cross-channel and endearingly amateurish:

Comic Relief Version. Partly for the Boyz From the Dwarf, and Seth from Emmerdale, and partly for the poignant appearance by Jill Dando, but mostly for the contribution of the Drop The Dead Donkey Team. I'm not sure whether I have more love for George's air guitar, or Sally and Henry headbanging (and the ensuing coif disasters).

But what do you lot reckon?

Poll #1773 BoRhap
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Which is the best version?

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The Muppets
1 (12.5%)

Zany Newsreaders
0 (0.0%)

Comic Relief
6 (75.0%)

Some other version which I shall explain in the comments
1 (12.5%)

Which is the most excruciatingly embarrassingly bad version?

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The Muppets
0 (0.0%)

Zany Newsreaders
6 (100.0%)

Comic Relief
0 (0.0%)

Some other version which I shall detail in the comments
0 (0.0%)

(this post brought to you by [livejournal.com profile] andrewducker, and the bizarre Skype disco I had to endure earlier this evening morning)

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Comment here with "top ten" or "top five" and I'll ask you to supply one. If you don't specify, you'll get a five.

And it's actually REALLY difficult. Because OBVIOUSLY there are lots of curly-haired men that I fancy, but there are curly-haired men that I admire for other reasons also, and that skews the results slightly...

click here for teh curly-haired goodness )

God, that was hard work. I had to go and look at random quest caps to calm myself down there... O:-)

ETA: Also, [livejournal.com profile] pmoodie asked me for my top five Bond Movie post mortem quotes:

1, It's not really post mortem, but... The bit in Live and Let Die - "Whose funeral is it?" "Yours!" *stab* *partay music*
2, "I think he got the point" (after shooting someone with a speargun)
3, "Take a giant step for mankind." (pushing Drax into an airlock)
4, "Shocking! Positively Shocking!" (Oddjob gets electrocuted)
5, "He always did have an inflated opinion of himself." (yes, I know, another one from Live and Let Die. Sorry. But it's my favourite!)

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