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So I was sat listening to the news on radio 4, and suddenly, there was music. The Archers should have been starting, and there was music instead! This saved me from my usual ritual of turning the radio off for quarter of an hour to pretend that I'm really not completely addicted to radio 4 because I detest the Archers.

So please, people, I know I'm late to the party, but Save 6Music (38 degrees have a webform for it here), so they can continue to save me from The Archers!

My March sponsor is Mark Reckons, and I wish his google ads wouldn't keep exhorting me to vote Tory.
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Saturday is an interesting day for me; [personal profile] amazing_holly is at her dad's, and I don't have to be at work till 4, so I can lie in bed and listen to the radio. This generally involves dozing through Saturday Live and Excess Baggage, waking up for the Beyond Westminster, dozing a bit more until Sandi, and then listening to the repeat of Any Questions from Friday night, which I generally miss due to not leaving work on time - or, more accurately, catch the end of in the car on the way home.

So I'm lying here, listening to the award-winning Jo Swinson repeatedly pwning Eric Pickles and Andy Burnham, and wondering when the girl is going to get a promotion. From a personal point of view, I liked her answer best to the Gordon Brown question - and I'm not just saying that because it sounded suspiciously like a quote from this blog (I can haz plug next tiem, pls Jo? *puppy dog eyes*) - but from a political point of view, the way she had facts at her fingertips about the health question (when her portfolio is foriegn affairs) that completely stumped Andy Burnham THE FRIGGING HEALTH SECRETARY... That just made me cheer happily at the radio.

There's a quote which is often attributed to Israeli leader Golda Myer (among other sources) that a woman has to work twice as hard as a man to be thought half as good, and I suspect that in the Gentleman's Club atmosphere of parliament this will have applied to Jo. She also has the double handicap of being young, and suffering the indignities meted out to The Baby of the House (now some no-note Tory). On the maths of this, Jo must be working ten times as hard, because she made all the boys on the panel look like eejits. Much applause coming from Yorkshire this morning.

It's time like this when I feel proud to be a Lib Dem :D

((And I haven't forgotten that post about gender balance in the blogosphere I promised you and Count Packula, Jo. I'll get round to it soon, I promise))

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An interesting post on Radio 4 blogs tonight. They have a new pop science show, presented by Brian Cox and Robin Ince, which sounds like it is going to be generally awesome. The problem is... They don't know what to call it. Of the many suggestions put forward, none of them leaps out at me with a Yes! That one! but I do like Statman and Robin and Here's Looking at Euclid.

If you have a marvellous idea for what this show should be called, do feel free to submit it to the poor uninspired dears.

In other news, the tories have launched a new website today, which includes the scariest error message the world has ever seen. If you're brave enough, click this link to see it. But, I warn you, you'll need a very strong stomach.

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[personal profile] matgb has taken an elite gang of stealth leafletters out, and I am at home minding the map and co-ordinating and supposedly doing the washing up.

So, I have planted out the garlic and ginger, and tended to my poorly violet, and watered all the things that didn't get rained on... And the washing up is staring at me accusingly.

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Am listening to Nick Robinson's Moats, Mortgages, and Mayhem programme on radio 4. Why is it so hard for him to grasp that people don't really mind an MP claiming expenses for a necessary second home, but the stuff like tellies and cushions are things that most people have to buy out of their own wages and therefore they resent MPs getting them for nothing?

Nick Robinson is supposed to be the foremost political commentator in the country. WHY IS HE SO DUMB???

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... But will defend to the death your right to say it.

This is one of those maxims I unswervingly advocate. It's a founding principle of my moral structure. It's why I detest and decry No Platform stances.

I found it tested to the limit this morning when I heard Peter Hitchens on Start the Week referring to himself as reasonable, along with many other unsupported and unsupportable assertions which went completely unprobed by old Jug Ears Marr.


I am therefore going to make a small amendment. I abhor what you are saying, but will defend to the death your right to say it as long as you are saying it at a reasonable hour when I have had chance to wake up. Otherwise I reserve the right to get into a frothing rage and scream obscenities at the radio for your total, utter vacuous selfish pompous ARSENESS.
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... How I love my boss. Liz phoned this morning, to tell me that she's got my shifts covered and I haven't to worry about it, and to tell me not to come back to work till I'm properly better. She was really concerned and lovely, and gave me the option of taking the time as holiday rather than sick, so I get full pay.

Can't ask for a better employer, can I?

Mister Mat is being wonderful, also. I am feeling better today, but he's still pampering me. We're going to attempt leaving the house in a bit; my legs are fine, so I can walk, but I just can't carry anything or move my upper torso much. Fresh air will probably do me good, right?

Amused by The News Quiz, discussing the American primaries, and Andy Hamilton mentioning the whole dynastic thing that seems to be going on with the Bushes and Clintons: Imagine if the next election here was between Mark Thatcher and Cherie Blair! The jokes would write themselves!

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