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That's a genuine question. I don't understand.

He's crass and offensive and racist and sexist... But somehow it's endearing, when in anybody else it would be appalling.

Perhaps it's because he's slightly unreal; a caricature of all things that are offensive and awful about very posh people, and somehow he comes out of the other side of awful and reaches some glorious sunlit upland of comedy inappropriateness...

I'm watching Have I Got News For You and in every clip of the Obama visit it's Philip that makes it, from him pointing and laughing at his OWN SON'S combover flapping in the breeze to him trying not to giggle at the toast.

Bless him.

ETA: of course, one reason to love him: he's a Shirley Bassey fan. Nobody who loves the Shirley can be all bad...

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