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I received a complaint today from a regular reader that although she enjoys my links posts, and often finds interesting things to read in them, because they are so regular it makes it hard for her to find and reread my substantive posts. Now, there are ways to solve this with tags and so on, but as a temporary fix until I decide what I am going to do, I thought the best thing would be to offer her... a links post! So I hereby present a Year in the Life of my blog.

Sept 2012 featured a post in which I slagged Cleggy off, a post in which my (then 9 year old) daughter slagged Cleggy off, and fan favourite Lib Dem Leadership Runners and Rider With Added Star Trek Metaphor.

October 2012 was mostly taken up with Federal Party Elections. For reasons best known to my own (lack of) sanity I decided to ask questions of ALL THE CANDIDATES! And like CLEAN ALL THE THINGS it didn't quite come off, but more answered than didn't, and several people told me their voting had been swayed by the answers I got, so I am actually pretty proud of this. I'd certainly like to see it become a feature of federal party elections, although not necessarily run on my personal blog. Digital engagement isn't just a buzzword, it's a way of life. I didn't get to cover the results till November, mind ;)
October wasn't ENTIRELY taken up with federal party elections, though. I also found time to blog about poetry, the othering of Jimmy Saville, science programming on the telly, how Tories anchor debates, and carving a Halloween "pumpkin".

November 2012 involved me turning a post about Any Questions into a post geeking about metal, a very enthusiastic review of low-budger British horror flick Cockneys Vs Zombies, me helping to save the Naked Scientists (it worked, we saved them!) some ideas as to why turnout was so awful in the PCC elections, a song wot I wrote, my three strikes and you're out policy for party emails, and a report from my daughter's first ever comic con - which we are totally going back to this year.

December 2012 involved me making lots of suggestions to people. I had a suggestion for press regulation which nobody has picked up on, a suggestion for Eric Pickles to have as a song on Desert Island Discs, suggestions for George Osborne as to why people mightkeep their curtains closed, and the not morbid at all suggestions for what should be done when I die.
I also reviewed the very first issue of Ad Lib (I didn't like it) and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (I did like it). December also contains one of the finest examples of the sort of poll put out by politicians I have ever produced. Yes, of course, it's about Doctor Who. If you click on the polls tag on the bottom of that entry it'll take you to many further examples...

January 2013 was when Burchillgate kicked off. I commented myself and did a roundup of other people's comments. I was also rather irate with Andy Burnham and racist photocropping, and I offered two how to guides: one on managing Twitter and a guide to coping with snow for Journalists.
But the best post in January was actually quite a short one, yet showcases the sort of awesome comments I get from my regulars. On the Gendering of Films really does demonstrate that the oft-quoted maxim about never reading below the line does not apply here.

February 2013 followed the usual tradition of being bloody awful. There's just something about February. Anyway, the only substantive post worth linking to is an Open Letter to the Editors of Lib Dem Voice, which I am pleased to see it has only taken them seven months to finally take some tentative steps towards doing something about...

In March 2013 I praised Helen Duffett and damned Ricky Gervais

April 2013 appears to be mostly swearing, and avoiding the internet because of the death of Lady Thatcher. But I did write some Doctor Who fanfiction

May 2013 was local elections month, and I was slightly annoyed at people who try to project general election results from the results of local elections. I spent quite a lot of May either being tested in hospital or getting the results of said tests and generally not feeling well enough to blog, although I did manage to make a somewhat subdued contribution to the House of Comments Podcast. I also found the energy to thank some of the MPs involved in getting the Same Sex Marriage Bill passed - which led directly to this, which I am insanely happy about. Although possibly not quite as happy as Alex and Richard.

June 2013 I was still pretty ill, but I did manage to rant about the illogicality of linking to The Daily Mail

July 2013, by comparison, featured a veritable explosion of blogging. Perhaps it was brainstorming Rolling Stones filks for Glee Club at Lib Dem Conference which started that off, and more wonderous creativity from my lovely regular commenters. I also did the race for life with my mum and Holly as part of my strict exercise regimen. I talked about Charles Saachi and Nigela Lawson, whether or not twitter installing a report button would solve anything, and LibDem infighting. I also made some recommendatons to Our Glorious Leader as to who ought to be ennobled.

August 2013 started with a continuation of my 27 year long campaign to get Colin Baker recognised as THE BEST DOCTOR, and, of course, my reaction to the casting of Peter Capaldi in the iconic role. I analysed Why Membership of political parties is falling, pointed out that moral panics rarely lead to good law, and laid into Jamie Oliver. I am deeply sad to have seen several otherwise sensible people defend the overprivileged clueless idiot since that post, BTW...

And this is the first proper post I have done in September 2013, unless you count posting a photo of my armpit. I hope this is a long enough linkspam summary for you, dear reader. And I'll have to look into that tagging thing, because this has taken me AGES. Mostly because I ended up re-reading all the comments on most of the posts and giggling, but still...

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