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... because I can't trust myself not to post a huge long damaging howl of pain and betrayal.


Normal service may or may not resume soon, depending on the outcome of various things. I'm not going to be more specific than that.
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Yeah, yeah, so Carter Ruck are the real world equivalent of Wolfram and Hart and Trafigura are evil waste-dumping murderers (if you have no idea what this is about go see Justin's excellent, and link-filled, summary here) but there are more important things in this world than a few thousand people dying in agony or being permanently disabled from toxic waste poisoning and an evil law firm preventing the Guardian from talking about it!

Firstly, look at this trailer for the new series of SJA! LOOK AT IT! Shinyshiny sci-fi!

Secondly Mitch Benn AND Brian Blessed AND Rock Wankman in one radio show? OH YES!


I'm sure we can all agree that these things are far more important than the calculated murder of a bunch of people who, when all is said and done, were poor and African and therefore don't matter. So can we talk about something else, please? Because our work here is done - although I note we're getting no credit from the Graun.

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Monday, January 16th, 2006 10:58 am
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I blame Miss D and her Pervy Al Gore fetish for this...

* hugs knees to chest and stares blankly ahead *

Last night's dream was the most horrible I have ever had. I was married. Happily, ecstatically, deeply-in-love married. To Gordon Brown. (Here is Gordon's wiki, for those blissfully unaware of his existence: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon_Brown ) Apparently news has just broken that Mrs Gordon is pregnant again, so perhaps some sort of vibe on the ether is jointly responsible with Miss D's pervy Al Gore fetish for this?

* whimpers *

Thank the FSM for small mercies, there was no jiggy-jiggy. But there was much gazing adoringly into each other's eyes, and holding hands whilst striding confidently across the countryside being filmed by the BBC for a documentary, with Jerusalem playing on the soundtrack. For some reason we also snuck into a church service and were horrified by the bile coming from the pulpit (possibly a reference to Hullfire's recent experience) at which point Gordon stood up and spoke movingly and magnificently about the traditions of liberal tolerance in both Britain and Christianity. As I looked on with pride and adoration...

I feel sick.

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