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Today I are mostly been at this with [personal profile] matgb, [personal profile] magister, [personal profile] sir_guinglain (who is stopping at ours - yay visitors!) and [personal profile] blazingskies and her fella who we met there.

There were panels and signings and a brief visit to the Devonshire Cat for a pint, and Colin spotted me in my Six t-shirt and made me stand up and take a bow, and Frazer Hines (who was v witty throughout) told me I looked better in it than Colin ever did - with which Colin agreed - and Jacqueline Pearce called me DAAAAAHLING and BAAAAABY and we had a ciggie together and discussed booze.

There may be more coherent thoughts to follow (given that I have had two hours sleep in the last 48, my brain is a bit fried and I'm immensely glad I didn't make a complete arse of myself), but for now I am going to collapse in bed and muse on how utterly amazing Jac Pearce is (that voice!), and how impressed I was with how Colin really made an effort to make every single person who spoke to him feel special (he was genuinely lovely).
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Just been watching the Special Features on the new disc of The Three Doctors which arrived (inna box with Robots of Death and TOMB OF THE CYBERMEN WOOHOO) this morning. There was a cool thing where several people (gender balanced!) told Michael Grade what utter crap he talks argued against some of the lazy fictions peddled about old Who. One of these people was the utterly lovely Joe Lidster, who managed to get an SJA plug in and everything (props for that, Mr L).

But the best thing on it was an extended interview/chat between Caroline John, Katy Manning and Louise Jameson about what it was like being a seventies Who girl. Liz Shaw was my favourite of the three as a character, because YAY for sassy science girls, but OMG Louise Jameson sparkled in the real life stuff. Her comments on feminism had me punching the air and shouting for joy. Feminism on a Doctor Who DVD? HELL YES!

All three ladies were clearly very comfortable in each other's company and laughing lots and having fun too. This is good. So thank you to 2 Entertain for making such a cool extra feature, and thank you to Louise Jameson for making me a very happy little fangirl.
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The yet-again-ressurected Hammer Films actually seem to be getting somewhere this time. Not only do they have The Woman In Black on general release very soon (when the trailer came up before SH: A Game of Shadows [personal profile] magister and [personal profile] innerbrat and I all did happy squeals in unison when the gret big Hammer logo appeared; we're all fans of the original and the trailer looked very good indeed) but their restoration team are pulling out some proper gems.

We got the BluRay of the restored Quatermass and the Pit just before Christmas, and it is a stunningly beautiful print. I am now literally salivating at the thought of Plague of the Zombies, which is one of my utter, utter favourites; and the fact that they have found some cut footage to restore to the 1958 Terence Fisher Dracula is just awesome.

If you want to follow the restoration team's blog it is at http://blog.hammerfilms.com/ (or syndicated to DW at [syndicated profile] hammer_films_blog_feed)

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Thursday, January 13th, 2011 06:22 pm
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There have been rumours for a long time that the old flour mill silos in town were going to be turned into a climbing wall. Dad and I thought it would be very nice, but it was all a bit pie in the sky... Well, it seems not. It seems that planning permission has been granted, work starts on Monday, and they're hoping to have it open in MARCH! How cool is that?

I am literally bouncing with excitement about this. It's apparently going to be one of the best walls IN EUROPE and it will be within walking distance of my house.



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Fandom peeps! You have to watch this video!

And when you've given up punching the air and shouting Yes, yes, that's it EXACTLY!, watch it again. Because it's just that bloody awesome. And some of the juxtapositions are excellent. And I'm sure the little bit where he points at the Sky is entirely coincidental...

[personal profile] magister says he gives it 24 hours before something appears on YouTube with clips/stills/photos from each of the mentioned things. I'd like to see that :D

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There are many many controversies in Who fandom, and there is no opinion you can assert without offending one faction or another, but one of the least controversial opinions is that the writer who was consistently the best in the old series was Robert Holmes. Holmes can be accused of being a hack, it's true, but if he was a hack, he was a great hack, taking elements from everywhere he could find them (classical mythology, his own politics, and famously, Hammer horror films) and fusing them into glorious, memorable stories. He had a great sense of dialogue, and his characterisations were always spot on. And he always, ALWAYS had an eye on the series as a whole, not just his episodes in it.

I think there's a case to be made that Joe Lidster is the Robert Holmes of our generation.

This latest arc of SJA, for example. here be spoilers )

Mr Lidster: I salute you. And so does my daughter. When she's stopped hugging the cushion...

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Since the reboot in 2005 I have only liked one of the series finales. They've all had great build up and a crap payoff. But not this one. MAN does the Grand Moff know how to write a series arc!

I'm not going to write a lot here, because... well, frankly, it's nearly 3am and I have to be at work in the morning, but BLOODY HELL that was good. Lots of payoffs, lots of loose ends tied up, lots of characters actually doing things that made sense... Rusty should be forced to watch this over and over again till it goes in.

I am lying here with a great big smile on my face. There may be a more in depth review later, when I've watched it again. But. Yeah. That was AWESOME.


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Bike Show

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009 06:51 pm
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I am typing this on my brother [personal profile] angeliiiii's computer. I think you should all be told that I am being forced to use IE because he is a disciple of Gates and mistrusts Firefox. Eurgh. I feel dirty.

Anyway, the bike show was fab. I sat on lots and lots of bikes, and although my little leggies were too short for many of them, they were fine on the ones I actually want - the Triumph Daytona 675SE (hubba hubba), which will be for if I get a stonking great pay rise, or the more realistic Kawasaki Ninja 250R. The only problem I can see with the little Kwakker is that if I get one, I'll want it in Black, and Holly will want it in Green...

Daddy, meanwhile, has fallen in love with the Versys. His current bike is a V-strom, and the Versys is very similar in spec, but the physical size and shape of it is different enough to make a big difference to handleability.

We looked at a lot of helmets and boots, and Dad ended up getting a Roof Boxer like the one I used to have (except in blue to match his bike), and I ended up confirming my suspicion that no helmet is ever going to fit me as well as my Shoei (you'd be amazed the number of them that try to lobotomise you), although I DID rather like a couple of the Scorpion ones... Of course it does help that Scorpion make this (which I SO want).

Anyhoo, bike show good. Off to watch the footie with my bro now. Apparently we're playing Tranmere...

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Taxi to Wakefield station because the brighouse train was cancelled: £20
Return ticket to Devon for self and Shrub: £110
Getting to see [livejournal.com profile] matgb's appearance on Blockbusters from 16 years ago? PRICELESS!

Yeah, the journey down here was a bit of a mare, although a very sweet taxi driver and the Costa Coffee guy on Wakefield station (If you're in the Wakefield area, he's on platform one, he's called Bob, and he has very lovely long dark hair and will be 21 soon) were very lovely and made it bearable.

Mat got here about four hours after I did, which was frankly terrifying, but Shrubby had fun playing with his nephew, and I chatted about cars with his dad, and got a grilling from his mum about how he was eating, and it all seems fine. His mum had a bit of a squee over me this morning because I was reading the Torygraph (the only periodical available with my breakfast) and ranting between mouthfuls of Fruit 'n' Fibre about one of the articles in it and she said "Awww, you sound JUST like Matthew!" LOL

Anyway, yes, last night's entertainment consisted of watching the video of Mat's appearance on Blockbusters in 1993, and it was THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. The video is definitely going to be purloined and taken to Lords and put onto DVD... >:D It's really amazing to me, seeing a seventeen year old version of the man I have come to love; all the little mannerisms were there, the hair was getting to be there... There was much squee, and some ribbing and giggling. And once I've got it transferred to DVD, I can screencap it >:D Mwahahahahahahahahaha

Anyhoo, he's going to be wanting the computer back now, so I shall disappear back into the ether. I'm going to be taking Shrubby on a steam train this afternoon. YAY!

TTYL, sweet F-list.

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