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2016-02-16 12:00 pm

The Blood is the Life test post with new link feeder

OK, so I can see straight away that some of the links are repetitively worded, but I think that's because they've come from a Delicious to twitter to pinboard feed and that's a lot of steps to expect something not to get borked in.

I quite like that the Instagram posts come through labelled "Instagram" so you know where you're going... Lets see what happens tomorrow morning, shall we?
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2016-02-16 11:33 am

A note re my The Blood Is The Life Linkspam posts

So today I discovered that, having been going downhill as a service for a while, Delicious have started to add adverts into RSS feeds. Like the lovely Mr Ducker, I consider this a dealbreaker, and have therefore moved over to pinboard and deleted my Delicious account.

There may be a couple of feed burps and some formatting problems and such as a result of this over the next few days. Andrew's wonderful "feed links to your blog and autopost them" app works with pinboard as well as Delicious, so links should still come through, but I don't know if they will behave the same with regard to link text and comment text and such. I guess we'll just have to find out! Anyway, if something looks odd, don't feel shy to let me know and discuss among yourselves in the comments as to whether things look the same sort of odd for everybody :)