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Tuesday, April 21st, 2009 01:22 am
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Isn't the new Lib Dem tax policy grand? We got real proper news airtime and everything!

There, that's political blogging out the way for the moment. In other news, I have been v v v busy not posting all the stuff I keep promising to do and falling further behind setting up for the shiny new internet future! I have mentioned Dreamwidth already. The plan is to move over there lock, stock and two smoking barrels when my paid account on LJ runs out, in August.

At the moment, this is having a number of effects:
  • I am not posting at [profile] theyorkshergob as much, because I am over at DW setting stuff up and such

  • I have transferred all of my non-f-locked reading material over there as of today.

  • I am randomly squeeing on twitter lots

  • I have already started making substantive posts over there, but so far mostly memeage
This means that if you're not yet watching my Dreamwidth blog, you've not yet missed much. But you will, if you don't start watching it soon.

If you are on my personal LJ f-list:

You don't have to do anything. Courtesy of twitterfeed, everything I post will be shipped in once per day by LoudTwitter. Of course, if you have an irrational phobia of clicking twitterfeed posts, you'll miss stuff, but that's entirely your choice and I, as a Liberal, won't deny it to you. And besides, you can just add [profile] miss_sb_dw to your f-lists and then you won't miss a thing ;)

If you are not on my LJ f-list:

Then you need to start following the DW blog as well as [profile] theyorkshergob. I shall try not to crosspost too much, which means that you will inevitably miss stuff if you follow one but not the other. Eventually I shall be going over there completely, but not just yet.

Either way, if you fancy a DW account of your own:

Comment on one of my posts over there. Or Mat's. Or somebody's. Because (as Mat says in the comments below) they will offer accounts to validated openIDs as soon as possible when the site goes live.

I realise that this is a pain in the arse for many of you, but I promise it'll be better in the long run. Dreamwidth works kind of like I always hoped LJ would. The OpenID stuff actually works. Lots of other stuff actually work. I am deeply in love with it.

Oh yeah, and I already have a queue for invite codes. Ozzy, Del, Scarlettgirl, in that order. As soon as I get some, they shall be handed out.


Monday, April 20th, 2009 10:38 am
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Another test, I'm afraid.

* makes sure she ticks all the boxes this time *

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