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Ice Queen Hell Bitch of Death wants me to do a meme. I therefore present 8 random things about me:
  1. Geoff Capes once mistook me for someone of the male persuasion
  2. I once had a game of monopoly with my friend Claire which lasted over nine hours on three separate visits to her house because neither of us would give in. I can't remember who eventually won.
  3. My first memory of anything is of Tom Baker turning into Peter Davison at the end of Logopolis.
  4. I was given a black and white rabbit called Minstrel when I was about 5. I did not know the connotations of it until much later, when I nearly died of shame.
  5. I like climbing. Indoors is fine, rock faces are better, but best of all? Trees. There's nothing better than being 20 feet up a tree with a good book, 20 St Moritz, and a hipflask on a summer's day.
  6. I have seen Monty Python's Life of Brian so many times now, that I can sing along to the entire thing. It still makes me laugh till I cry every time.
  7. I recently revisited the bridge I used to play Pooh Sticks with my dad on when I was little. It's been so affected by floods moving the gravel bed of the stream that it crosses that it's no longer a bridge, but a huge stepping stone. This made me very sad.
  8. I am especially talented at silent but deadly farts.

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