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On the third edit. Bloody embed code not working. Mutter grumble.

HERE is video:

I'm going to be singing this all day now. Dammit.

Best. Alphabet. Ever.

Thursday, March 29th, 2012 05:26 pm
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ABC monsters from La Pompadour on Vimeo.

There's only two that I couldn't identify, and I think my favourite is F. Just for the way they've done it. <3 Freddie.
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For no other reason than that they cheer me up when Gideon is being a pain in the ovary, and you can never watch them too many times, here are some of my favourite dalek videos:

Kitkat advert.

Hitchiker's Guide to the Daleks.

Dalek election debate.

How to improve the new design daleks - short and to the point.

And of course (you all knew this was coming, right?):

My Pet Dalek featuring the most wonderful little girl on the planet.

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(via Charlotte Gore, Count Packula, and Mark Reckons)

Clearly Lynne Featherstone and Phil Willis are the stars of this, but the freakiest bit is Nigel Farago doing his being taken from behind motion...

* shudder *

Although the prominence of Mad Nad and Anne Widdecombe preening are both worrying too. And as for The Egregious Tory Tosser's failure to get rhythm... ;) Alastair Campbell wasn't bad, though.
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I was talking about this at work yesterday. I still think it's the best advert ever, even though it is for the evil nestlé. Anyway, it turns out that Liz hasn't seen it, so I am posting it here:

Enjoy. (link for those who don't do embedding)

My March sponsor is the fragrant Mark Reckons, who will be getting a logo soon, I promise...
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[personal profile] amazing_holly has been playing deBlob today. It's a pretty cool game, and the character/world design is a lot of fun, but it has had one deleterious effect. I now have this in my head.



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Most politics geeks will be celebrating with this video:

And most Yorkshiremen will, of course, be watching this:

But my preference is for this bit of the Life of Brian:

... among many many others.

I know it's a cliché, but Python are a huge part of my growing up. I am very glad they are still considered to be worth watching. Happy birthday boys (and the occasional girl).

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Most of the time, I refer to [personal profile] matgb as my wife, and he calls me his husband. There is lots of role reversal in our relationship, when it comes to what most people think of as traditional gender roles. He does much of the cooking and cleaning, I go out to work and spend all my time in the pub. I do the DIY and gardening, and he compiles the shopping list. He does a lot of the day-to-day childcare, and I go out climbing trees with Holly. Mostly, we are both very happy with this. However, there are some ways in which he is very stereotypically male, and I am very stereotypically female.

This video made me laugh a lot.

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So, yes, [livejournal.com profile] matgb posted the Cabury advert with the gorilla. And it's very good. And it reminded me that Phil Collins CAN actually write a halfway decent tune without the rest of Genesis being involved, and it was good. He also posted a link to a bunch of remixes. The Fatboy Slim one was a bit pants; the Bodyrockers one was better (even though I can't hear that song without thinking Top Gear advert = James May in an XKR = weak knees and dribbling)

But the cheesy rock ballad fan in me HAS to post this one:

And yeah. Am obscenely excited about the fact that I get to see Mister Mat tonight. Five and a half weeks is far too long, and I've missed him so much, and I suspect you won't hear a HUGE amount from me for the next couple of days. Well, not on LJ anyway. You might hear ecstatic screaming if you're in the Yorkshire area ;)

ETA: Also, singing along to that has made it clear to me how much more softly toned my singing voice has become since I gave up smoking regularly. I need a half pack of Marlbies and a good chug of Jack before I can do Bonnie Tyler justice.

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