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Vince has pointed out that not being able to recruit the right skilled people might be damaging to British businesses. Inevitably, the media are screaming SPLIT! SPLIT!, and the Daily Fail are particularly strident.

All Vince is doing is pointing out some empirical evidence that has arisen from the trial application of this policy. OK, so it's anecdata, rather than a proper study, but that's better than no data at all, right? Collective Ministerial Responsibility should not have to mean blindly ignoring signs of trouble. And if Vince is right, and this is expelling banking business abroad, well, that IS trouble. Our economy is very skewed towards financial services, for better or for worse, and I don't think the best way to fix that is to make the financial services industry go elsewhere.

Still, my conclusions on this might be coloured by my own views on immigration, which are pretty intensely Liberal even for a Lib Dem...

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Andy Hinton detailed this in an excellent post nearly a week ago. With quotes and everything. Yes, Vince used the words graduate tax, but I used the words Richard Littlejohn this morning, and that doesn't mean I approve of him or are proposing him as a solution.

Can we all please stop believing the myths we are spoonfed by the old media, even when it's about what our own Vince said, and actually LOOK at what was said? It would make life so much easier.

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So, in adding Steph Flanders to They Really Do Exist I decided to google for her to see if she had a website other than her Stephanomics blog. Among the top ten google results for her name is some rather tame* smutfic.

The smut itself mayn't be that fabulous, but the disclaimer? The disclaimer is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. I hereby demand that ALL fic disclaimers henceforth be written in the form of open letters to Vince Cable.

* your definition of rather tame may differ from mine.

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It's Only a Theory!

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 12:40 am
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It's well-known that Mat and I don't watch tv all that much. So it was mere happenstance that tonight we tuned in to the first episode of a new series on BBC4 called It's Only A Theory, which is a sort of panel show devised and hosted by Andy Hamilton. I'm SO glad we did. And I am even more deeply in love with Reginald D Hunter than I was before.

Do try and catch it on the watch again. It has a couple of kinks that will need ironing out, but it's shaping up to be great. And at some point in the future, the celebrity examiner is going to be Vince :D

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Vince has a fab column on Gordon Brown's Poorhouses scheme this week. Unfortunately, it's in the Daily Fail. Click through if you can bear to give the fail your clicks, but if you do remember to vote up the good comments and down the bad ones ;)

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... lovely Dr Cable got rushed to hospital with appendicitis.

Luckily, they caught it in time, and after a bit of keyhole surgery he is recovering at home. Get well soon, Vince. ♥
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Even though I know that famouse Doctor Who writer [livejournal.com profile] lonemagpie is right when he says that
The BNP's votes were actually *down* across the board - but because so many mainstream voters stayed home, and because Labour's collapse was even greater than expected, it still allowed them to get in with less votes than last time.
, I still can't help but feel the same as the lovely Mr Matthewman.

I hope all you bastards who stayed at home and didn't vote because they're all in it for themselves and they're all the same and my vote wouldn't make a difference anyway are really fucking proud of yourselves this morning. My money... MY MONEY is going into the pockets of two racist scumbags. We have tax-payer-funded fascists in this country now. I have a Bastard Nazi Party MEP. And it's ALL YOUR FAULT.

Fail, fellow countrymen. Epic fucking fail.

In more amusing (if slightly personally embarrassing) news, and speaking of Doctor Who writers, Daddy Alex has confessed to me that he went to a Doctor Who event on Saturday and might have inadvertently told my favourite Doctor Who writer about my huge crush on him. Oops.

Oh well. If you're reading this, Mr Lidster, sir, you have no need to run screaming in terror. It's very unlikely you will ever have the misfortune of meeting me, and if you do all that will happen is I will go red and stare at my shoes and mumble a lot, like I generally do when confronted with people I admire greatly. You can ask all the people who were present for the blogger interview with Vince Cable for confirmation of this if you like. I had to have a very large swig of brandy before I was capable of speaking, and was uncharacteristically quiet for the whole thing, aside from my question about bees. Which I really ought to write up at some point...

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