Under More Destruction

Thursday, June 10th, 2010 11:10 pm
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OK, I now have pretty much sorted out the layout (still need to make the gaps a bit smaller I think) and also done a proper pale version for you weirdos who like things pale.

Please click here to test it out, and let me know if anything seems odd or broken. Thanks.

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Under destruction

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 01:43 pm
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Have been playing about with layout and stuff today. The main difference noticeable to the reader is going from one sidebar to two. There is some stuff still needs fixing (placement of header text and gaps bretween modules, f'r'instance) but I am basically happy with it.

But don't expect it to be fixed very soon; I have to get ready for work now.

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Take the Power Back.

Thursday, May 28th, 2009 11:23 am
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Today's political website is a MUCH BETTER effort: takebackpower.org is simple, effective, and impactful. If I was to make two tiny criticisms, they would be that I'd have made it relative rather than fixed-width, and text rather than images; and that (again) the navigational structure isn't clear. From an accessibility point of view, images are bad, and most of the site is text so doesn't NEED to be images, and if you want people to read your shit, first you have to make it clear that links are links. Also: unflagged .pdf files are BAD. If you are linking to a .pdf, TELL people you are linking to a .pdf.

But, you know, it looks pretty and isn't all bright white eye-hurty glare like google and the sodding BBC, and is simply and effectively laid out. And it's got one of my favourite songs into my head:

C+ for this one. Would have been a solid B had they done the sensible thing and gone for STV over sodding AV; which is not really the web designer's fault, but it NARKS me anyway.

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Very occasionally I might appear to be a bit partisan about my politics. People think that when I link to things like the Tory Atlas of the World, or pick on Labour posters on Liberal Conspiracy, that I wouldn't pick on my own side like that. Well, that's where you are wrong, people, that's where you are wrong.

I got an email today from a wonk at Cowley Street asking me, as a Lib Dem blogger, to have a look at the party's Euro website and big it up on my blog. I looked at the party's Euro website. And then I took a red pen to it. This is the result:

((click to embiggen))

At the end of the day we can't hope to beat the big two unless we are substantially better than them at shit like this. And yes, I know that they have armies of overpaid mercenaries and we have but a few overstretched volunteers, but I thought one volunteer was worth ten hired men?

E-, Lib Dem site designers. See me after class.

((And yes, I'm still thinking about that other post. My bath was very nice, though, and I finished my book in it - Witches Abroad, again, since you ask))

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