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- have finished course of antibiotics prescribed for secondary problem.
- primary problem still there, but at least I'm not suffering the side effects of the antibiotics any more.
- side effects of antibiotics completely wiped me out in terms of energy and brainpower for over a week, and I couldn't even booze :(
- all the other tests came back negative, so I'm booked in at the doctors on Wednesday next week. Will probably have to have more tests.
- we've ruled out cervical cancer, and all the various infections; it could still be all sorts of nasty things though. At this point I just want to be able to put a name to it.
- they still haven't come to pick up my Note 7 (they're meant to be coming today, but I'm not holding my breath).
- new phone, which seller swore blind was in Ireland, has actually been dispatched from Taiwan, if it's been dispatched at all, because they've given me a fake tracking number.
- I'm still in pain, still phoneless, and still pissed off.

On the plus side, I have mainlined two seasons of GotHam, one and a half of Lucifer, and caught up on iZombie; Ash Vs Evil Dead continues awesome, and there was new Supergirl last night. So, you know, it's not all bad. And on Friday I can finally have gin!

Hope you are all well, and sending extra big hugs to [personal profile] sassy_scot and her family.

State of the SB

Friday, May 10th, 2013 08:39 pm
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If you've been wondering where I am of late I am sorry. I have been having a really bad phase of depression and generally Not Coping. I'm not saying this to garner sympathy - for one thing, sympathy tends to induce guilt - but just to let you know. I'm just about coping with work, and am dipping in and out of twitter, but don't have the spoons for anything else - such as blogging - at the moment.

I am lucky in that I have great, understanding, friends, who will visit when I need company and bugger off when I need to be alone.

tl;dr: the details of my Not Copingness )

So yeah... not entirely sure how to end this. So I'll just end it.

Cellar Floodage.

Monday, August 29th, 2011 11:16 am
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Yesterday our normally-very-dry cellar flooded. Mostly we are ok, but among the things damaged beyond repair were 2 full boxes of my comic collection (bye bye several years' worth of 2000AD) and lots of books. My dad is coming down later to help me take lots of Precious Things to the tip.


Truly the path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the devil's own satanic herd.
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Worth watching for the clip montage alone, here is Christopher Lee getting his BAFTA fellowship, long overdue in my view.

Watching it reminds me of watching Peter Cushing on Jim'll Fix It not long before he died. He's so thin and frail. I haven't got the words at the moment to describe how sad that makes me feel. For the last twenty years Christopher Lee's barely aged, and then suddenly... :(

For more eloquent comment, see this post by [personal profile] magister. And have a drink to the sexiest voice in acting - he's still there, but watching that, I don't think he will be for much longer.

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Listen to him here.

There are those within the party who believe that Clegg was never with the rest of us on tuition fees. He mollified them somewhat before the election with the signing of the pledge he intends to break and various speeches. They are now screaming WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!.

Vince.... Vince I can understand. Vince has to be a spokesman for his government department, he has to stick to the government line, and you can tell he isn't happy about it. Clegg, though... Clegg has a get-out. It's there, in black and white, in the coalition agreement. He can say I know we all signed this pledge, but the best we can do is abstain, so that's what we will have to do. I do not understand why he is supporting this illiberal, unfair and regressive policy. I do not understand why he is trying to get the party to go along with him when he knows our feelings on it.

I can only see this resulting in more and more people feeling the way Spidey does, and I don't understand why Clegg thinks it's a good idea.

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My phone went wiggy last night and I had to do a hard reset. I have therefore lost ALL my contacts. Yes, even [personal profile] matgb. Please, if you can read this and you have my number can you text me, saying who the text is from? And then I can get some of them back, at least.

Number is on my contacts page on DW (f-locked) or my profile page on Faceache.

And now I go to redownload all my apps and resubscribe to all my podcasts...

My March sponsor is < a href="http://markreckons.blogspot.com/">Mark Reckons, and yes, I've lost his number too.
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Yesterday evening, I was on cloud nine. I passed my belt assessment at karate Monday night, and got elected to the exec of the karate club to boot; I did really well at climbing Tuesday afternoon, beating my dad up the big 6a overhang AND the 15 foot ropeless "bouldering" wall - although I did have to sit down and have a good shake when I got to the top of the bouldering wall LOL - and did a lot of good work in the garden too. I had set up and set going They Really Do Exist, and was feeling pretty damn good about myself.

I woke up this morning and got hit by the double whammy of my laptop deciding not to work and my twitter account being hacked by some unknown twat. We then had a funeral party at work which was booked for 40, and so we catered for 40. 70 of them turned up and they complained when we ran out of plates. One of the other barnmaids has got a new job, but it doesn't clash with her hours at the pub... This is great for her, but if any of us want time off now it will be even MORE difficult than it already is now, because she is the one who does most of the cover. AND the time of the moth is upon me.

All in all, then, I'm a bit shellshocked by today.

Still, Liberal Drinks tomorrow. That'll be fun. I hope.

You guys are all coming, right? 7.30 in the Ship as usual... *puppy dog eyes*

((I am typing this on Mat's laptop, which he is kindly letting me pinch for a bit. I only have access to the internet myself through my phone, and twitter is not letting me log in from my phone, although it will from Mat's laptop. So if you really need to contact me I CAN pick up email, but texting or phoning is the only really reliable way. Twitter is right out for the moment. Just so you know))

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Monday, July 27th, 2009 11:59 pm
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I like the new logged-in homepage. It's one of the things I am clinging to about today which hasn't been really awful and depressing.

The other thing was being out in the garden with [personal profile] amazing_holly planting sweetpea seeds earlier. Yeah, I know, I'm a bit early for late planting and a bit late for regular planting. But she wanted to do it, and it was fun grubbing about in the compost with her.

I'm trying not to think about anything else that happened today. Work was particularly awful; this is made worse by the fact that I've had a good long stretch of really enjoying it, and today was a big jolt. Also Mat was really stressed (for mostly good reasons) so neither of us were in a fit state to be the support to each other we usually are.

Instead, I'm going to run myself a bath, and sink into it, and think about how cool it was to be planting stuff with Hol, and what a little angel she's been today, even though I have been grumpy as all hell.

I am a very lucky mummy.

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You know, even thought I know that this was the shire county elections, and even in '97 they were solid Tory, doesn't make it feel any better seeing a map of my country looking like this:

(image by [personal profile] shishmish)

Still, let's see what Sunday brings in the form of the Euro results, before we go getting TOO depressed, eh?

In more personal news, and probably inspired by [personal profile] strangefrontier, I have chopped my hair this morning. It's now about the same length and shape as Missundaztood-era P!nk. Mat had to tidy up the back quite a bit LOL. It wasn't really long enough for the chopped bits to be any use for Locks of Love or similar, so does anyone have any ideas what to do with it? Will it be good for mulch?

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Well poo. I have been getting these out of the library of late, and most of them are really good. And now they are stopping doing them because their license to publish short story Who fiction from the BBC is going to expire. I LIKE short stories. I wish people published more of them.

Anyone know how much 28 x £7.50 is?
Anyone fancy spending it on books for me before it's too late?

* not for the first time, wishes she was rich *
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It seems like hard drive failure. Which is a bit of a bummer. I can take her to the shop and get her checked over, I guess, except that would cost money and I haven't got any. Do they charge you just to look? I don't know, I've never had to do it before.

Anyway, the supreme irony is that I didn't go to the pub quiz tonight because I had lots of stuff to do on the computer. I didn't even get to look at a computer till half past midnight, and the one I am looking at now is the one remaining one in the house which "works", which was rubbish when it was bought five years ago. I am completely overwhelmed with stuff, and the piles are only getting bigger, and I am only going to have sporadic computer access, and that will be on a shite computer.

Just so you all know.
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Mister Mat just came upstairs with the cake, and sliced off a delicate sliver. Mildly disappointed at being thus rationed, I enquired I am only to be allowed a little bit of cake? Mister Mat took the delicate sliver of cake over to his desk and left the entire rest of the cake with me.

I am going to London in March, straight after spring conference. I am going to be participating in a bloggers' interview of Vince Cable. Six weeks to go and I am already crapping myself. I had no such feelings about the Nick Clegg interview I was meant to go to at Yorkshire regional conference, mainly because Clegg strikes me (having been in his presence) as a complete onanist, and thus I'm not bothered if I offend the self-important Glorious Leader; Vince, having been in his presence, is utterly, utterly lovely as well as amazing in a political sense, and I will be mortified and want to throw myself off Westminster Bridge if I offend him. Which, of course, I am almost certain to do, and the more worked up about this I get, the more certain it becomes - you steer towards where you're looking and all that.

Short of filling my hipflask with the old Remy and hoping like hell, any suggestions from the peanut gallery on how to deal with debilitating nervousness? I came very very close to saying no to the whole thing on the grounds that I am bound to make a complete arse of myself, but several people have moved heaven and earth to make it possible for me to be there, and it would have been really ungrateful to hide in a corner wibbling uncontrollably like I want to...


Monday, March 27th, 2006 11:06 am
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Stupid broken foot and lack of exercise is making my bum grow to the extent that I can fit into less than half of my trousers now. Doubtless giving up smoking has had a hand in this too (nearly three months now, yay!). After I've finished my homemade pecan pie (which two friends are coming round to help me with this afternoon) I am actually going to make an effort to do proper dieting for the first time in my life.

Pray for me.

Actually, pray for the people around me, who will have to put up with my hungry wrath...

((X-posted healthy start and personal journal))

P.S. Veri, check your gmail!

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