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2017-07-13 03:14 pm


My to do list has too many things on it and they all eat spoons and I have no spoons send spoons. Srsly.

Am managing to just about keep up with work stuff, but politics stuff is a bit wibbly wobbly and personal stuff is backed up like someone who's never eaten prunes.

Also, Roxy has finished her course of antibiotics, yet is still coughing (we're going back to the vet tomorrow); my ankle still hurts; Hol breaks up for the summer holidays tomorrow; we've got a meat order coming and the freezer is too full already; I've got research to do on policy for a Lord; I've got two reviews to write; I've got LOADS of stuff to do for LGBT+LDs; I've got loads of invoices to issue and forms to fill in (and forms are a terrifying thing); AND we are out of gin.

This is not sustainable.

(we now return you to your scheduled programming)
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2016-02-22 03:48 pm
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Today at work I are bin mostly...

... researching Doxxing, the various forms it takes, and what can be done about it in various jurisdictions. In many it turns out the answer is "not very much, and what CAN be done is expensive". I now feel unclean.

Why are people such arseholes?
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2016-02-12 03:52 pm

State of the SB

Item: I'm currently taking a tw'oliday from twitter - there's so much horrific news at the moment, and it's hurting and affecting people I know and love, and it hurts being bombarded by it several times a day, so I'm taking a break. It won't be forever, probably just a couple of weeks. Just to build up my resilience.

Item: I have been incredibly impressed by hp-for-business customer support the last couple of days. Not only did the lady sort out the recalcitrant printer that had proved resistant to both mine and Alisdair's best efforts, but she rang me back today to check that things were still OK and it was still working (it was).

Item: I've taken to instagram like a duck to water. I'm pretty active (user name is jennierigg) and I'm mostly posting pictures of my doggies. The accounts I am following fall into four categories: 1, People I actually know; 2, accounts which post pictures of cute doggies; 3, accounts which post pictures of hot guys with beards; and 4, artists I admire - mostly tattoo and comicbook, but not exclusively. Oh, and there's also the amazing collision of 2 and 3 that is Hot Dudes With Dogs.
If you want to be bombarded with pictures of my doggies, occasional gym updates and photos of food, and comments on your photos do feel free to follow me there.

Item: Mental health has been... Not bad but not great. I have been quite low through the end of January, and the nightmares have been about 3 times a week. However, touch wood, things seem to be picking up. I'm slightly anxious about getting a Case Of The Februaries, but also hoping that the Februaries just came early and I got them out of the way in January. I did write up the nightmare I had the other day, and writing it out helped. I then gave it a cheesy happy ending. If there's demand I might post it.
A thing that's helping mental health a LOT is that I'm getting in a reasonable amount of reading time recently. Current OMG WOW SHE'S AMAZING author is Tananarive Due. Thoroughly recced to all of you.

Item: Physical health is pretty good. I'm not doing much cycling because the canal path is still buggered after the floods in late December - although [personal profile] matgb is on about taking me road cycling soon, despite my nerves - but I'm doing really well at the gym and in the pool, and getting some decent walks in every so often. I've got pretty impressive muscles at the mo.

Item: A week today I am going to go for the first appointment for my next tattoo. I has the excite! This has been ages in gestation; Matt has been sending me rough sketches by email, and it's going to be amazing. He's a genuinely awesome artist too. Really exciting. So that's probably going to go on Instagram; it'll also affect my swimming a little bit, because I'll have to not swim for a week after having it done. Boo. Shall have to do treadmill or something equally dreadful for cardio. :(
Hmm. Maybe rowing machine? Rowing machine is not that dreadful...

Item: Daughter continues fabulous. She's really settled in at the old Alma Mater, and has chosen her GCSE options this month
*pauses to pass smelling salts to those who remember her being born and are now feeling faint with age*
Doggies are also great, and very snuggly. And I'm coping OK with having all my boys under one roof, even if it is a bit crowded and a bit rubbish not having my own room any more.

Item: Job continues pretty good - I honestly think if I'd have still been in my old job I would have had a total breakdown two or three times in the last few months. So yeah, I'm really glad of Job. The work itself is fun, the pay is better than any job I have ever had before, and I'm not overburdened. It's pretty cool. I'm still getting used to not having to scrimp for every penny, and trying not to splurge every payday, which is harder than it looks. But I'm getting there...

Item: LibDemmery... I'm not even going there. Everything is hanging on York at the moment. We'll see.

So, yeah, that got longer than I expected. Um. Sorry. But you're all now updated on everything. I think...

Let me know if you'd like to see my nightmare.
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2014-08-29 08:51 pm
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To the girl on the 363 tonight: thank you

So I had a really not-good day at work today. Things bothered me that shouldn't have, and other things didn't go my way for odd reasons, and the phoning gods were agin me (RIDICULOUS amounts of wrong numbers today, like seriously ridiculous). And then I got on the bus home, and there was a girl talking to someone on her phone, trying to estimate how long before she got home. I asked where she was going, and told her how long it would take; and then we got chatting.

She was smart and switched on. She was interested in politics, and she had opinions. She was passionate about what she believed in and she wanted to enthuse other young people... she really cheered me up, frankly, after all the cynicism and world-weary no-point-doing-anything stuff I hear on a regular basis.

So thank you, girl on the bus, for giving this jaded old political hack some hope on a bleak evening. I really value that, and will continue to do so, even if we never meet again.

Thank you.
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2013-11-09 11:53 am
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My turn to pick the music in the office this morning.

So I put my default spotify playlist on. For your edification, here is a list of tracks I have had to hurriedly press skip on:

Fuck Her Gently - Tenacious D
Last Resort - Papa Roach
Fuck You - Lily Allen
Big Dumb Sex - Soundgarden

Of course, I'm paying for it now. Douglas's choice this afternoon. Pick of the Pops on Radio 2...

* makes the sign of the evil eye at Tony Blackburn *
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2012-04-06 10:00 am

The Blood is The Life 06-04-2012

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2012-03-23 03:19 pm
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On Minimum Alcohol Pricing

This was posted as a comment on somebody else's blog, but I figured it deserved a broader airing, since it's me explaining (again) how the government's actions are not neutral on pubs even when they try to appear so:

Prices for everything will go up if there's a minimum price, not because of some nefarious plot by big business (or even the Tories), but because of simple economics. If a bottle of White Lightning costs #5, no self-respecting wine manufacturer is going to want their bottle of wine to cost less; all alcohol will rise in price because market position is more important than anything else, so the lowest priced product going up will have a knock on effect right up the chain.

Meanwhile, prices in our pub will go up because we get most of our spirits from Sainsburys - because they are cheaper than any of the industry suppliers who are used to supplying people who are tied to them - so when Sainsbury's put their prices up, ours will have to rise too. This is not pubs whining, this is a simple fact.
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2012-03-23 09:00 am

The Blood is The Life 23-03-2012

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2012-03-17 09:00 am

The Blood is The Life 17-03-2012

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2012-03-12 12:05 pm
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An Ode to Sarah Montague

Mornings fill me with horror -
Cold, grey, wintry ones particularly so -
And when the cold grey tide of news
Issues forth from my radio
Filled with war, murder, hate, death,
Corruption, sleaze, and depressing reality
In the sardonic tones of Humphries;
Or the sorrowful lilt of Naughtie;
Or the overeager gloat of Davies;
Or the vainglorousness of Webb...

Yet there is one voice
Whose calm authority seems to soothe
And silently impart:
Yes, things are bad,
But don't despair:
There's still radio 4,
There's still me,
And if you make it till teatime, you can have comedy.
Maybe even,
If you're lucky,
Sandi Toksvig
Or Sue Perkins.

Of course, today I didn't even have to wait till teatime, because Wordaholics was on at 11.30am, which is fast becoming a favourite of mine. I really hope it doesn't just stop at 6 episodes.

In other news, this morning I woke up in a different bed to the one I went to sleep in, with Roxy in succubus position on my chest, and with a black eye. I have no explanation for any of these things, other than the very general one of Beer festival finished yesterday, and you might have had a bit much to drink, Jennie. The black eye is particularly puzzling; [personal profile] matgb insists I didn't have it when I went to bed, and you'd think I'd notice it occurring in the night...
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2012-03-04 09:00 am

The Blood is The Life 04-03-2012

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2012-02-25 09:00 am

The Blood is The Life 25-02-2012

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2012-02-05 09:00 am

The Blood is The Life 05-02-2012

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2011-05-09 12:13 pm
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Employment law policy thoughts

There is a lot of employment legislation in this country. Employees have a lot of rights, and employers a lot of responsibilities. But what happens if employers shirk those rights?

Well, if you're in a union, your union will help. And if your workforce is mostly unionised, as an employer you are much less likely to try to shaft your employees. But what if you are one of the 74% of UK employees who doesn't belong to a union? What options are open to you if you employer breaks the law with regard to your rights?

You can, of course, take matters into your own hands. No, not with a baseball bat, I mean you can instigate legal proceedings yourself. Unfortunately, this is rife with problems. Even if you have some legal training employment law is a complex area, fraught with strict and soft deadlines and rules of evidence and such which can cock up an entire case for the unwary. You could hire a solicitor, but that either takes money, or for your case to be big and important enough for them to take you on no-win-no-fee.

Then there's the CAB. Now, the CAB do some marvellous work (I used to do voluntary work for them in my pre-motherhood days), but they are massively overworked and underfunded, their opening hours are tiny, and they just don't have the capacity to deal with the extent of this, and even if they did, all they can do is help you to do stuff yourself, they can't do it for you.

So, for your average Jane/Joe in a non-unionised minimum wage job, whose employer is (for random example) not giving them proper breaks, or paid holiday, or the paperwork they are due, it's exceedingly difficult to actually do anything about it. And given the parlous state of the job market at the moment, any attempt to assert one's rights which results in the sack might well leave one unable to find a job for many months. Sure, you can bring an unfair dismissal suit, but that will take months and in the meantime you are left with no income.

And even if a person does manage to get enforcement of their rights, that doesn't stop the (almost certainly now ex) employer from exploiting other workers.

I think what we need here is an enforcement agency to make sure employers are sticking to their legal obligations - some sort of Quango. Employment Law Enforcement People Helping All Nice Tradespeople? OK, perhaps a different acronym is a good thing. But I think the idea is a good one. If someone is breaking noise regs, you call the noise abatement team. If someone is creating a hazard to health with their polluting ways you call the environmental health. But if you're being exploited at work, and you're not in a union...?

Any Lib Dems fancy helping me to put together a motion on this?
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2010-11-25 10:50 pm

State of the SB

Have been off work sick yesterday and today. This is not good.

Saw the consultant yesterday; Gideon is a fibroid. He needs to be taken out, and I've been booked in for February (three months away FFS!), with the proviso that I can go in earlier if the surgeon gets a cancellation. My GP has given me some super extra strength painkillers to keep me going. I feel very down about the whole boiling.

Podcast is all recorded, but there have been some hiccups with the editing. I may put up a rough cut, just to get episode one out there.

Holly is having The Hobbit for her bedtime story and I got so into it that I was reading to her for three quarters of an hour tonight. She's loving it. She managed to wangle herself onto a school trip that we had no idea was happening today too, the little so and so...

Blogging mojo is all out of kilter.

All the above, though? None of that is why I am not going to help out in Old and Sad. If we lose the by election, the party will be wounded. The media will whap us with it. But if we win, with that candidate? I can only see damage resulting from that too. So I'm hiding under the duvet as far as Old and Sad is concerned. For more information, Andrew Hickey has written a post which is full of the conflict I feel.

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2010-08-07 01:04 pm
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Good News and Bad News

Good News - mum got out of hospital in time to go on her holiday to Cornwall with Holly
Bad News - I am Hollyless for AGES now :(

Yesterday was a bit of a weird day. We got news that one of the regulars at the pub had passed away, so the mood was a bit fragile. There were some tears and hugs when Bob came in to give us the news. Imogen and I both seemed to have the same reaction to this: clinging on to Things That Are Normal, becoming a tight double act behind the bar. This resulted in lots of amusement with various other groups of customers. I suspect that this is what Kenny, aka Mr Moustache, would have wanted. He was a very wry man, and I shall miss him.

Inevitably, after 8 hours of this, I needed a beer, and that beer led to another beer, and so on...

I am slightly hungover today.

Anyhoo, best code the next category of blog awards...

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2010-08-02 08:59 am
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I Don't know Which is More Depressing...

The fact that one of the Milliblands has got headlines for jumping on the Save Our Pubs bandwagon that Greg Mullholland and other Lib Dems have been successfully piloting for years, or the fact that Mike Smithson, famed sage of politicalbetting.com thinks that my livelihood and the lifeblood of many communities (not just rural ones) is trivial and laughable.

OK, so Millibland's "bold" plans are nothing more than to appoint a minister for pubs, and not to do anything about the beer tie, or the stupid over-regularion of the market, or the ridiculously complicated duty regime (here's an idea: differential taxation on cask and bottle/can), or any of the other issues that plague my industry. But that does not mean that the issue is not a serious one, affecting not just the lives of barmaids, but the fabric of our communities.

To dismiss this as so much sausages is, I venture to suggest, slightly short-sighted of the seer.

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2010-07-29 10:41 am
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Are you a Real Man? Do you want to drink a Real Man's Drink?

My boss leaves her copy of The Publican on the newspaper pile for the customers to leaf through once she's read it. Last night there was much hilarity over the adverts for this. If you'd like to count the misogyny fails in the advert, do feel free. Even the unreconstructed Yorkshiremen at work spotted and laughed at lots of them. Do it fast, though. I expect Iron Press to not last very long as a product.

Me, personally, I'd rather have a drink for Real Women, like Sarah Hughes.

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2010-03-14 03:20 pm

State of the SB - a series of ill connected paragraphs.

  • Am on my third day off sick from work, and it's getting old now. My abdominal pain is less than it was, but still definitely there. I can't walk very far without making it massively worse - indeed, I haven't left the house since getting back from the doctor's on Friday, aside from a brief trip to my mum's to pick up my mother's day card from [personal profile] amazing_holly, who is at her dad's for the weekend.

  • I really, really REALLY wish I could have gone to conference. There are so many people I would have loved to see. Ah well. It'll have to wait till Liverpool.

  • I'm doing really well at sending conversation-killing text messages today.

  • I wish someone would magically tidy my house and do all the DIY that needs doing. It's ironic that being off work gives me the time to do it, but I can't physically manage it. And when I'm better, I shall have to go back to work, and then I won't have the time...

  • Biggest referrer to my blog this week outside of direct links and search traffic was Liberal Vision. I guess this means I ought to start reading them on a more regular basis (i.e. not just Sara's posts)... ;)

  • Trying to avoiding reading about/hearing about The Egregious Tory Tosser is getting more difficult. I turned off the House of Comments podcast less than half way through because I was sick of hearing his name. You know, I know he's the biggest blogger, but he's ONLY the biggest blogger because so many people link to him and talk about him and quote his inane dribblings. If we ignore him, he'll go away. And then perhaps someone who has some talent other than self-promotion might get to be the big daddy. Just a thought.

My March sponsor is Mark Reckons, and I suspect he'll have something to say about that last bullet.
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2010-01-22 09:22 am

A Short Break

I am working ridiculously long hours this weekend, so probably won't see you all until Monday, when I shall be unveiling my new sponsor. Thanks for the advice on the car, I shall have to beg for more money to get it MOTed. I hate being in debt... It's so frustrating that Mat actually HAS a job now, but we won't actually start seeing any money from it for at least another month.

Anyway, say goodbye to Ozzy...

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