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Monday, December 24th, 2012 11:59 pm
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Happy Christmas/Yule/Hannukah/Newtonmas/Saturnalia/Other midwinter festival of your choice.
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I don't know what I can say about this. I am still an emotional wreck. I laughed. I cried. I clung to [personal profile] matgb. I have been used to expecting the new Who Christmas specials to be a bit less than special; this came as such a culture shock. It was amazing. Gambon and Smith knocked it out of the park, and as for The Grand Moff's script... Just beautiful.

Yes, yes, one could pick holes. SPOILER! ), for instance, although you can fanwank that away by saying SPOILER! ), as proved by the SPOILER! ). And as someone on twitter said: error: insufficient Pond. But the thing is, when a story is this well-told, well-acted, and glorious, one doesn't want to pick holes.

I'd give it about a million out of ten. As for the next time trailer... well, I need to digest that. Beardy Matt Smith, though? Rawr. And naked River Song... *dreamy expression*

Speaking of facial hair, am watching Poirot now. I think Sam West must have been taking part in Movember; the tache does not suit him at all. I still would, though.

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Those of you who have been following me for a while will have seen this coming, I suspect.

I don't do Christmas. I detest it. Holly goes to her dad's so she can do it without Scrooge McMummy ruining it for her, and Mat and I generally stay in bed and avoid the whole boiling, only emerging for the Doctor Who Christmas Special ([personal profile] magister likes Christmas, but he is going to his mum's). I don't buy Christmas cards or presents (even if I did, I couldn't afford to this year), and I don't expect to get any either.

However, experience tells me that even with all this insistence, someone will insist on sending me stuff anyway, so I shall say this:
If you want to give me something for my birthday, which is the 27th of December, the most useful gift would be money; I am going to have to have at least a month off work when Gideon gets operated on, and I am attempting to save up, which is hard given that I have more going out than coming in at the moment. If you insist on a material gift, my amazon wishlist is here, and I don't mind if you get things on it from places other than amazon.
I'll just re-iterate, though: I will be happiest with no gifts at all, because I will feel guilty about not being able to reciprocate, and my house is tiny and overflowing as it is.

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Newtonmas is over for another year, then. Spent most of it traveling home from Devon. Devon was cool, even if my new laptop charger died. After a bath, we watched James May fail to capture a world record, then Doctor Who, then new Poirot - which had Mark Gatiss AND Tim Curry in, and sent me into a frothing frenzy. Then I did the Who Daily reaction post, in which the general consensus seems to be "Cribbins was awesome, but srsly, WTF???"

Did you lot have an exciting day?

Tomorrow I have work. And then the day after tis my birthday, hence the new title text on my blog.

Oh yeah, that's what I meant to ask: any more takers for [community profile] dead_pool?

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The Times has pictures of the christmas cards sent out by the three main party leaders + Boris.

Now there's something which made even my flinty old Scroogelike heart melt: Nick Clegg's Christmas card, as drawn by his 8 & 5 year old boys. How cute is that? I love the way that Our Glorious Leader is cuddling the reindeer, and Miguel is swigging from a festive bottle (of milk, obvs, in case Liam Donaldson is reading).

Cameron's is clearly created by someone who has a background in design, but it's a bit crap, and insert brand here. Gordon's, though, I quite like. It's kind of sweet, in a clueless about how the papers will interpret this kind of way.

Boris's, though... Oh Boris. At least Nick's WAS drawn by under-tens. Yours just LOOKS like it was.

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PSA: Christmas

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 05:58 pm
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I don't do Christmas. I don't like Christmas. However, I am aware that some of you do. I am therefore willing to offer a compromise for those of you who deem it necessary to spend money for Yuletide, and I am aware that it's coming up to the time of year when people start planning what they are going to spend.

Please do not buy anything for me. Hopefully I have got that early enough, and nobody has actually spent anything yet. I'm aware that buying presents for people is fun - I like doing it myself - but I have NO MONEY AT ALL at the moment, and anything you buy me will just make me feel bad and guilty for not being able to buy anything for you. Also, my house is tiny and stuffed with stuff and I have no room for more stuff.

Please do buy something for [personal profile] amazing_holly instead. She does do Christmas, going to a Christian school as she does, and I'm not yet willing to be a Scrooge to her and crush her Christmas dreams. And she has a huge bedroom with room for more shelves ;)

Her amazon wishlist is here. You'll notice a preponderance of Sarah-Jane Adventures products on there. Holly absolutely WORSHIPS Sarah-Jane, and will be grateful for anything with her in it/on it.

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