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This heartwarming (yes really) zombie comedy has some real laugh-out-loud moments, some heavy gore, and a real soft cockney heart. Love a duck.

The basic plot of the movie is that an Evil Multinational Corporation has bought a load of land in the East End, including the land on which stands the Bow Bells old folks home. One of the residents is a gentleman with grandchildren in their twenties, whom he brought up when their parents died. The boys are dimwitted but goodhearted, and want to pay their grandad back by saving the old folks home for him and his friends. Having attempted to save up and got nowhere, with two weeks to go before the home closes they decide to do a bank job. Just as the zombie apocalypse hits.

The rest of the film is a caper involving routemaster buses, Zoe Slater from Eastenders saving the day lots, Richard Briers on a zimmer frame trying to escape from a zombie who is shambling at exactly the same speed as him, and this lady:

87-year-old machine-gun-toting ex-Pussy-Galore-and-Cathy-Gale Honor Blackman totally steals this movie. You know when you watch American action movies, and you're sighing because all the supposed badass action heroes blink every time their gun fires? Not Honor (or Richard Briers, for that matter, who ends up with an uzi strapped to his zimmer frame). From delicately hammering a zombie's head in at the kitchen door, to mowing them down with a machine gun provided to her by the cackhanded bank robbing grandchildren of her old-folks-home-sweetheart, she has style, panache and a steely-eyed reserve throughout this film.

The cheeky chappie Cockney cliches are done, but not overdone, and there's a real sense of weary resignation as the zombies take over from the corporation and the government and everything else as something which is getting in the way of the cockneys just getting on with their lives of geezering and low level crime. There are some great roles for British acting elder statesfolk, too. Witness Tinker from Lovejoy totally failing to grasp Cockney Rhyming slang. Notice T-Bag from 80s kids TV as a lascivious old dear. See Sabalom Glitz from Doctor Who beat a zombie to death with his own false leg.

There are lots of hilarious small moments, and a big soppy theme of loving your home and your family, and even with the level of gore and language I ended the film smiling and feeling really good.

See this film if:
  • You have an ounce of horror geekery in your body
  • You have a soft spot for elderly British actors having a huge amount of fun
  • You enjoyed Shaun of the Dead
Don't see this film if:
  • You're squeamish
  • You can't cope with Honor Blackman dropping the f-bomb
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